Mystery Rye Bridge

Rye Quiz for today.


Two questions about this bridge over The Strand

  1. What year was it built?
  2. What was it used for?

No prizes but you will have a long memory if you can answer these correctly.



Rye’s Own Bulletin Tuesday 7 November 2017

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The Day I was Born

Jimper’s Early Years

The world was in darkness the night I was born, not a light was to be seen, and then, as I grew and could walk and run, the lights came on all over the Kingdom.

The war with Germany was over, the marsh was crying out for laughter and joy to return. Five years of war in the front line had left it scarred by ack-ack guns, trenches and pillboxes.

Many areas were out of bounds owing to minefields waiting to be cleared but before then the top priority were the towns to be made safe, and there was still the war with Japan to win. Continue reading The Day I was Born

Have the Pennies Become Outdated?

Hot new pennies are cast down on the heads of eager youngsters waiting on the street below. They pounce and rake up a few coppers for sweets and other small delights in a melee’ of arms and legs.

It is a tradition that goes back to times when there was no social security and all the charity on offer came from well off benefactors in the town. It was a time when charity really did begin at home. Continue reading Have the Pennies Become Outdated?

Jimper’s Jottings April 1967

Rye’s Oldest Inhabitants

In and around our old town of Rye we have, living here, one of the most highly developed and intelligent communities. They live with one another a free and easy life, having their own councils making their own laws, which are centuries old, choosing, surveying, building, breeding, feeding and dying. They have no Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings April 1967