No Change

Jim Hollands   21 June 2015

IN the March 2010 issue of “Rye’s Own” the following pieces commented once again on the fact that Rye Town Council has less power than a village council – Governments Change, Councillors Change but it seems that Rye Town Councillors, whoever they might be, cannot see there is a way to get real decision making back to Rye Town Hall. Continue reading No Change

Rye Fire Brigade 1952

Photograph taken at the Annual Competitions Rye Grammar School

L to R Standing :- Fred Pawsey, Frank Small, Mick Fagan, Cecil Tiltman, Reg Bailey, Margaret Tiltman (nee Bourne), Bert Southerden, ‘Gemma’ Day, George Fletcher, Arthur Tiltman, Fred Bourn, Joe Vincent, Les Small, Bill Britt and Geoff Curtis. Bottom Row :- Station Officer Frank Bourn, Judge, Division Officer Adams, The Mayor of Rye Councillor Candler and Mrs. Candler, Brigadier Gardham, Division Officer Hollands and second Judge.
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Rye Headlines April 2004

Jim Hollands Asks; Have things changed for the better between 2004 and 2015?

Best Value

On Monday 8 March a very profound remark was made during the Emergency Surgery Site Debate. Paul Osbourne, commenting on County Council Leader Peter Jones oft quoted remark about the Ferry Road School site that it must be sold for the best value, questioned the context of ‘best value’ in relation to cash alone. Continue reading Rye Headlines April 2004

A Message from Albert

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A V Toddlers

AV Toddlers jazz up their parents’Jim-Jams for Pilgrims Hospices Pyjama Walk

Children from the AV Toddler Group spent a happy morning decorating tee shirts for their parents to wear at the Pilgrims Hospice Pyjama Walk on Saturday 27th June 2015. Continue reading A V Toddlers

E F Benson Freeman of Rye

Benson Honoured for His Service to Rye

By Jim Hollands

It is March 1938 – The winds of war are gathering and all Europe lives in fear of another conflict of arms – German troops had occupied the Rhineland in 1936, in direct conflict with their obligations under the terms of the 1918 surrender agreement. Hitler’s Army, Naval and Air strength was being built up at a rate that could only mean one thing – His aerial power was rehearsed and demonstrated in Spain in the civil war, Gurnica was flattened by bombing and the civilian population learned that wars would be total from now on with the civilian population in the front line – Winston Churchill was a voice in the wilderness – England slept on. Continue reading E F Benson Freeman of Rye