Albert has Died

It is with deep sadness we report that ‘Albert’ the “Rye’s Own” mascot has died.

The little dog we adopted as our mascot when he was just three months old, had a kidney disorder that meant that he was on a special diet from that time. The prognosis of a life expectancy of “weeks rather than months” was forecast at the time. Continue reading Albert has Died

A Message from Albert

Please Share this Post with any Ryer you know in living away from Rye in other parts of the country or abroad.

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Albert of Rye’s Own

Here he is – ‘Albert’ the little dog with the big heart. He will show you the way to the new “Rye’s Own” Website. Here you will find the articles and photographed published in the magazine over the past 50 years.

Every day more and more archive material and current events are included on these pages. They are becoming a valuable source of information about all things Rye. History, Nostalgia, Personalities, Local Politics are all to be found in this unique, ongoing record of Rye and the people of Rye.

Albert ready for a bath and tidy up
Albert ready for a bath and tidy up


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Primrose-The Last Rye Barge

The rescue of PRIMROSE The Last Rye Barge

On Sunday, 4 October 199t Rye Barge 2, the strangest sight met people’s eyes at Rye Harbour. A huge crane lifted an old boat out of the water and on to an 80 ft long flatbed truck which then drove very slowly to Hastings under police escort. There the boat was lifted again by crane into the back yard of the Shipwreck and Coastal Heritage Centre in Rock a Nore, where she has rested ever since. Continue reading Primrose-The Last Rye Barge