Mason Road is Flooded Again

No Warning Posted by Environment at this Time

The holding tanks that are supposed to take flood water from Mason Road are obviously full again as the approach road to Tilling Green is under 6″ of water (10am. Wednesday 9 November.)

No flood warnings are in force for the Tillingham or Rother at the present time despite the heavy rainfall so it appears there is no danger of properties being flooded. Continue reading Mason Road is Flooded Again

The Great Ferry Road Nursery Duck Race

The Town Crier Rang his bell and the ducks were launched in the great Ferry Road Nursery Duck Race. 100’s of ducks were dropped from the Bridge at Ferry Road and raced off down the River Tillingham towards the finishing point at the Railway Bridge Continue reading The Great Ferry Road Nursery Duck Race

Rye Greenway Plan Launched

THE ROTHER Environmental Group (REG) has launched exciting and ambitious new plans for a ‘greenway’ running through Rye which would provide a safe, shared route for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchair users and the less able between key trip attractions.
Continue reading Rye Greenway Plan Launched

Sunk in the Strand

The well known local fishing boat “Llamedos” was recently reported ‘sunk’ in The Strand.The owner of the vessel contacted the RNLI Operations Manager at Rye Harbour requesting assistance with the recovery of his boat, which had sunk due to the wind pinning the boat under the ledge of the Strand wall and with a high tide and excessive flood water coming from the River Tillingham, following a heavy rain fall. Continue reading Sunk in the Strand

Primrose-The Last Rye Barge

The rescue of PRIMROSE The Last Rye Barge

On Sunday, 4 October 199t Rye Barge 2, the strangest sight met people’s eyes at Rye Harbour. A huge crane lifted an old boat out of the water and on to an 80 ft long flatbed truck which then drove very slowly to Hastings under police escort. There the boat was lifted again by crane into the back yard of the Shipwreck and Coastal Heritage Centre in Rock a Nore, where she has rested ever since. Continue reading Primrose-The Last Rye Barge

Volunteers Clean Up River Bank

A joint initiative between Rye Bay Countryside Project, ESCC. and the
Rother Environmental Group “REG” resulted in a very successful clean-up of
a stretch of the East Bank of the River Rother on Saturday 10th September. Continue reading Volunteers Clean Up River Bank

The Rye Mill


Rye Mill
Rye Mill

Actual documentary evidence on the history of Rye Mill is virtually non-existent. It was the subject of Victorian mezzotints and oleographs, but beyond that visual and literary records are silent. Whether a mill existed on the present site earlier than, say, 1850, is a matter of pure conjecture. We do know, however, that long before the Webb family, who used the mill for baking and bread-making before and after the Second War, came into residence the buildings had been given over to storing grain. Probably the last flour actually produced there was sold either before or during the First World War. Then the bakery was at the Mill Cottage – the old tall chimney of the bakehouse can be seen in the photographs taken in the 1920s. Continue reading The Rye Mill

Ready Made Marina

By Jim Hollands

“Why dig a Marina when there is a ready made site on the Camber Road?” Bob Vincent put the question to me the other day. The old pontoon, where beach was dug out in vast quantities, lies between the Golf Course and the Camber Fields. “It would be easy to dig a channel to the Rother and put a lock gate in”. I pondered his suggestion. He should know a bit about water, after all he has been a plumber all his life. Continue reading Ready Made Marina