Volunteers Clean Up River Bank

A joint initiative between Rye Bay Countryside Project, ESCC. and the
Rother Environmental Group “REG” resulted in a very successful clean-up of
a stretch of the East Bank of the River Rother on Saturday 10th September.

Among the volunteers were the Manning family from Winchelsea with their
two children, Ivy and Giles who joined in the clean-up and from Hastings
were the Smith’s whose five year old daughter Katie also helped. Kenneth
Bird, Secretary of Rye Conservation Society and his wife Margaret made a
strong team; Peter Vanner and Jim Ely also from Rye emerged somewhat
mud splattered from their efforts clearing debris closer to the water.Rabishi

Zoe Richmond-Watson serves up refreshments



Perfect weather and a welcomed refreshment break served by Zoe and
Christopher enhanced a somewhat daunting chore as the amount of rubbish
washed up by the tide seemed insurmountable but with everyone’s efforts the
group could finally look back and see, for certain, where they had been.

A clean-up of the banks of the River Tillingham are in the planning when
more volunteers will be welcomed.

Please contact REG at www.rotherenvironmental. org or write to PO Box 100, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7DP for future events.

From “Rye’s Own “ October 2005

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