“Rye’s Own’s Mrs. Mopp”

Thirty Miles to Raise Cash for Hill House Children

Three Pounds a Mile – Ten Pounds a Blister

Mr. Jack Pankhurmt, dressed as “Rye’s Own’s Mrs Mopp, 16 year old Francis Roe and Mr Barbara Larking set out on a 30 mile trek to Heating and back.

A challenge made in a Rye pub resulted in 64 year old Jack Pankhurst and Mrs. Babs Larking 57, walking 30 miles and earning over eighty pounds that will give the children of Hill House Hospital an outing to Margate.

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Rye Firemen Maintain Standard

Rye’s Part Time Firemen Win Another Trophy

For the third year running Rye Firemen have come back from the East Sussex Fire Services Pump Drill Competitions at Mayfield with a Trophy

This year Rye have brought back the “Wieland Cup” for the five man competition. it replaces the ‘Dumbrell’ Trophy which Rye held in 1967 and 1968. The ‘Dumbrell Cup’ for the four man competition.was won by Herstmonceux in 46 4/5 secs.  Rye were forth, eight seconds slower. Continue reading Rye Firemen Maintain Standard

Fashion Scene July 1969


July is traditionally the ‘seaside’ month.

With this in mind Fashion Scene takes a peep at bathing costumes. These two snazzy outfits are available from The Stocking Parlour.

Jaunty Military Style Costume
Jaunty Military Style Costume

This jaunty Military Style costume is smartly trimmed with braid    99/11

A Dashing Two Piece With A Deep ‘V’ Neck
A Dashing Two Piece
With A Deep ‘V’ Neck

A Dashing Two Piece With A Deep ‘V’ Neck ‘79/11

Both these costumes and many others are available from The THE STOCKING PARLOUR. 102, High Street, Rye

Model Rosalind Stace

Frederica Tops the Poll


Twenty-three-year-old Frederica Barwood was voted “Rye’s Girl of the Year” by readers and becomes “Miss Rye’s Own 1969”. Continue reading Frederica Tops the Poll