The Dulcette Story

The Dulcettes

By Jim Hollands

With our whole world gripped in a stranglehold by an invisible enemy,
many lives have been turned upside down. We are now either among the
bravest of the brave in the front line with the NHS or, volunteers
on the ground supporting NHS staff or with the majority, locked-in
at home helping the doctors and nurses by slowing the spread of the
disease that is taking more lives every day. Continue reading The Dulcette Story

Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions

Todays Competition

for something to do in these long lock-down days

Competition three :- Any National Dress or Period Outfit

Can be something you have in the wardrobe – Something you throw together, an outfit made out of flags or just something you come up with – Better put what country it is supposed to come from if it’s not obvious. Just have fun and pass some of that seemingly endless time. Continue reading Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions

Hastings puts the ‘Flash’ in ‘Flashmob’

Ion Castro (with his clothes on) was there in the interests of art – well, someone’s got to do it

According to Wickipedia, that well-known internetbased fount of usually-correct information a flashmob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. Flashmobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. Continue reading Hastings puts the ‘Flash’ in ‘Flashmob’

Summertime Jamboree

Report by Amber Carroll and Amy Satchell

Photographs by Sammi Davis (

A golden afternoon of community loveliness was promised by The Rye Retreat at the Summertime Jamboree on the 5th June and that was exactly what was delivered.

It may have been a wet and windy June afternoon outside but inside Rye College it was shining with a 50s themed musical atmosphere displaying salon trends and vintage fashion looks from cult classic sci-fi to screen goddesses modelled on the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Continue reading Summertime Jamboree

Spring Fashion Comes to Town

Spring Fashion Comes to Town

by our Fashion Correspondent

What a swinging time the audience had at Rose-Anne’s Fashion Parades on March 14, at the George Hotel in aid of The National Cancer Relief Fund.

The large audience at both shows gave Margot Grahame a most wonderful reception when she opened the shows and spoke with great feeling, how this scourge is being fought and gradually overcome.

The Commere was a great personality in Miss Caroline Grey, The Squeezy Mum on I.T.V.

The Parade was varied, it held the audience entranced at the terrific stock held by this boutique, great fun were the trouser suits and the culotte evening dresses. The flower and organza hats brought many “ohs and “ahs.” The models modelled clothes from 36 to 46 inch hips and all ensembles were Charming and most wearable for our everyday lives.

All shades of pink were shown and black and white is almost ousting navy and white for the great Spring favourite.

Amazingly the Stetson hat seems to be able to be worn extremely well by all ages

They are big news with the young ones, but surprisingly they are not the prerogative of the swinging chics.


The easy multi-coloured semi-fitted shifts were in pastels and gorgeous sizzling colours to greet the sun.

Rose-Anne repeated the innovation she created last year by asking Bennetts the men’s shop to co-operate with her with male models showing the latest in men’s gear and this was fun for the audience and extremely well done. Great credit due to all the models in this new venture.

Fash 2

Mrs. Griffiths said a few words welcoming Mr. Macer, who is Chairman of the local National Cancer Relief Society and expressed the pleasure we all felt at seeing him so well recovered from his recent illness. He was here in two capacities and she hoped he didn’t feel as if he had two heads

The Mayor had written a personal letter to Mrs. Griffiths saying how sorry he was not to be able to be present at the parade but he had a previous engagement but was sure Mr. Macer would enjoy coming in his stead and of course he also came as Chairman in his own right. At the end of the afternoon show Miss Margot Grahame was pre­sented with an orchid corsage from the bride and in the evening was presented with a carnation bouquet and warmly thanked by Mrs. Griffiths for making her special journey for the day from London to help the cause.

Rye’s Own April 1967

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