Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival



As a lot of those who keep track with our ‘Facebook’ page will know, I had a whale of a time at this years ‘War & Peace Revival’. Visiting what used to be Folkestone Racecourse and seeing the old place choc full of tents, tanks, military personnel and classic cars was rather a bitter sweet experience for me. Continue reading Dreams Can Come True at The War & Peace Revival

Summertime Jamboree

Report by Amber Carroll and Amy Satchell

Photographs by Sammi Davis (www.draytonstudios.com)

A golden afternoon of community loveliness was promised by The Rye Retreat at the Summertime Jamboree on the 5th June and that was exactly what was delivered.

It may have been a wet and windy June afternoon outside but inside Rye College it was shining with a 50s themed musical atmosphere displaying salon trends and vintage fashion looks from cult classic sci-fi to screen goddesses modelled on the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Continue reading Summertime Jamboree