Jimper’s Book Selling Like Hot Cakes


They are used to selling ‘hot cakes’ at Jempson’s Superstore, in fact 71,000 hot cross buns have been cooked and sold in the weeks up to Easter, but Jimper’s book “Jimper’s Journal” from his diaries of the fifties and sixties was going almost as fast. Continue reading Jimper’s Book Selling Like Hot Cakes

Rye’s Water Festival

Rye In Bloom

Rye’s Water Festival

An exciting new event at Strand Quay.

Rye’s very first Water Festival took place from 10am-4pm on Saturday 22nd May. A celebration of Rye’s environmental heritage and its watery past and present was organised by Rye in Bloom as part of its entry in the national Britain in Bloom Competition. Continue reading Rye’s Water Festival

Bring Power Back To The Area

Let Rye, Winchelsea and the villages unite to bring power back to the area.

by Arthur Woodgate

All the recent arguments about the new doctors surgery make one think of the general deterioration of the importance of Rye. Continue reading Bring Power Back To The Area

Bonfire Society Auction 2004

Over £2,000 Raised

A night of laughter, hectic bidding and plenty of banter resulted in over £2,000 going into the Bonfire Societies coffers. Continue reading Bonfire Society Auction 2004

The Three Jims


by Jim Hollands.

There were three women in America who worked together as nurses over a period of many years. Dixie, Leonora and Josephine went through many ups and downs together but always remained very good friends. Then, over a period of a few short years, in places as far apart as Rye and Los Angeles they all met men called Jim and started new lives with them. Continue reading The Three Jims

Historical Odds & Ends

When Rye Councillors had the Power

Spelling taken from original manuscripts

1549- Ordered that none of the inhabitants of Rye, young or old should issue out of the town with drums and flags or otherwise, to enter the woods of any man, without his special licence, to gather or cut down any boughs, on pain of imprisonment for three days and three nights. Continue reading Historical Odds & Ends