The Stewart May Empire

Part Five

By Arthur Woodgate

Bill Smith was the first Bailiff of Sharvels in my time there. He was a local man but the managing of Sharval’s Farm was rather bigger than Crutches as it included Flackley Ash, Shepherds, Butchards and The Hutches. All this included more property and responsibility, so specialist people began to be brought in from outside. Mr Farr, a college trained agriculturalist, came I can’t remember anything very spectacular in his time, but he didn’t stop long. Continue reading The Stewart May Empire

Smells of Yesteryear


By John Wallbank (New Zealand)

The February edition of Rye’s Own was opened in early March, and the contents eagerly perused. Just perhaps a little later than all the Ryers that take the time to digest the monthly quota of memories and facts from both the distant and not too distant past. Continue reading Smells of Yesteryear

Bring Power Back To The Area

Let Rye, Winchelsea and the villages unite to bring power back to the area.

by Arthur Woodgate

All the recent arguments about the new doctors surgery make one think of the general deterioration of the importance of Rye. Continue reading Bring Power Back To The Area