All Our Yesteryears

 By Jim Hollands

Who were the driving forces in the town fifty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in the 1960’s? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning? 1965 and 66 were great years for Rye. The Borough Council was made up of twelve elected councillors and four Aldermen nominated by the councillors. Alderman  John  Hacking, farmer, was Mayor. He was hard working and influential, leading a group of excellent men and women who were all labouring to benefit Rye and the people of Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesteryears

Fun Cycle Challenge

Pictures & Story by

Derick Holman

Good Weather, Good Fun, Great Event Rye buzzed to the sound of hundreds of cogs and wheels as the 7th Fun Cycle Challenge started recently in the town and sped across the Marsh to Hythe. One hundred and thirty riders took to the roads to raise money for local charities. Continue reading Fun Cycle Challenge