Rye’s New Football Team Comes Home

Rye Town to Play First Match on The Salts

Rye’s new soccer team,  Rye Town,  will line up in Division One of the Macron East Sussex Football League for their first home game of the season and their first ever match on The Salts.

Thanks to Shane Ridgers and wife Charmaine  who have put so much into the birth of Rye Town the rebirth of soccer in Rye.


Shane, manager and treasurer, and Charmaine  secretary,  Ged Say, chairman. With Martin Blincow, Darren Paine, Francis Walker and Kevin Highams on the committee, and Kelvin Wall , assistant manager make up a formidable team. Continue reading Rye’s New Football Team Comes Home

Football Returns to Rye Salts

Rye Town v JC Tackleway

Soccer is coming back to The Salts. What a great pleasure it is to write those words. It seemed that after the death of Rye United there would never be another match played at Rye.

Now, after great efforts by a group of Rye enthusiasts the old name of Rye Town, made famous for football successes in the early 1900’s, has been revived for a new team that will carry on the tradition of football in this Ancient Town. Continue reading Football Returns to Rye Salts

Rye United Star Bela Olah has Died

Bela Olah was Player Manager for Rye United

By Jim Hollands

It is with great sadness we report the passing of the great Hungarian soccer player Bela Olah. Who became Player Manager of Rye United in the late sixties. I believe he was the first Rye player to receive a wage, something like £4 a week.

He came Britain after the Hungarian uprising against the Russians, which was brutaly put down.  He was  a Schoolboy International and played top flight football  when

Bela Olah
Bela Olah

Continue reading Rye United Star Bela Olah has Died

Some Rye United Teams of Yesteryear

In this time of ‘No Football in Rye’ we thought it might be nice to look back at some of Rye Teams over the years.

We wondered if some of the great players from these pictures, or their sons or grand sons are able to come forward and help John Tolhurst in his efforts to re-establish football in Rye. Continue reading Some Rye United Teams of Yesteryear

Iden Ladies V Eastbourne Ladies 1969

The grass on the pitch was too long but the ladies from Iden and Eastbourne made a real match of it

By Jim Hollands

It was one of  Iden Ladies early matches. They played Eastbourne Ladies at Iden Park. Don’t know the final score but it seems Eastbourne were leading by one goal to nil when the film finished into the second half. No doubt there are ladies out there who will tell me the result. Continue reading Iden Ladies V Eastbourne Ladies 1969

Iden V. Brede Lower Div Cup Final 1969

An old movie of a cup final in 1969

The Tangerines are at Rye Salts playing local rivals Brede. Can anyone remember the score and who won. It looks as though Brede were the victors but can’t say for certain as the film ran out before the match finished. Looked as though Brede were 3-1 in the lead. Continue reading Iden V. Brede Lower Div Cup Final 1969

Udimore V Flimwell 1967

Udimore had a good football team in 1967. Some of the players included ;- Bob Wilson, Bob Rogers, Bernard Clark, Stubby Stubberfield, Dave Deadman, Mick Avery, Jim Hollands, Bryan Ryland, Keith Fitzhugh, Martin Wright, Ernie Whiting, Ray Sargent, Peter Sargent, Tim Wilmshurst. Continue reading Udimore V Flimwell 1967