Rye’s New Football Team Comes Home

Rye Town to Play First Match on The Salts

Rye’s new soccer team,  Rye Town,  will line up in Division One of the Macron East Sussex Football League for their first home game of the season and their first ever match on The Salts.

Thanks to Shane Ridgers and wife Charmaine  who have put so much into the birth of Rye Town the rebirth of soccer in Rye.


Shane, manager and treasurer, and Charmaine  secretary,  Ged Say, chairman. With Martin Blincow, Darren Paine, Francis Walker and Kevin Highams on the committee, and Kelvin Wall , assistant manager make up a formidable team. Continue reading Rye’s New Football Team Comes Home

The Bargain Box Debate – Rother Must Explain Themselves

Customers Rally to Support Bargain Box.

A family who work all the hours God made to keep their business running and their customers happy, seemed to have been singled out by Rother District Council.

The worry and upset caused to John, Avril and David of Bargain Box over backdated claims for rates, relating to an air conditioning system that has been operating in the shop for years, have put their backs so far against the wall that they are almost ready to ‘throw in the towel’ and have put a Closing Down sign in their window. Continue reading The Bargain Box Debate – Rother Must Explain Themselves

Rye Cricket Club

By Martin Blincow.

Rye Cricket Club is the oldest sporting institution in the town, and
one of the oldest Cricket Clubs in the world having been founded in
1754. The club started life playing at Camber Castle, before moving
to play on Gibbets Marsh. The arrival of the railway then forced
a second relocation in 1844 to the existing ground, The Rye Cricket
Salts. Continue reading Rye Cricket Club