London Zoo & Piccadilly 1963

The most exciting City on Earth

In the days before world wide travel when a day trip to France was a special event, a trip to London was a landmark for all those visited the city for the first time.

These were the days when television only came in Black & White and there were no such things as mobile phones, computers or the internet. Going ‘on line’ meant travelling by railway. Popular purchases in those days were, transistor radios, Continue reading London Zoo & Piccadilly 1963

Hotel of the Year 2013

Riverhaven is Les Routiers Hotel of the Year

Les Routiers
Les Routiers

Rye man, Stuart Pope, builder, owner and proprietor of the Riverhaven, was full of praise for his staff on learning that his popular riverside establishment had won the coveted Les Routiers ‘Hotel of the Year’ award for 2013. Continue reading Hotel of the Year 2013

Keep an Eye on London

By The Editor

Rye is the greatest place on this earth but there are times when it can make a nice change to get away for a day. Continue reading Keep an Eye on London

Saturday 6 April 1907

Easter Holidays – A Festival of Sunshine – Many Visitors

Beautiful sunshine and serene atmosphere favoured the holidays throughout. Commencing with Good Friday, the sun soon manifested its genial effects, and from early morn until the fall of the shades of evening visitors from neighbouring towns and residents were enjoying the picturesque sunlit walks in the immediate neighbourhood of Rye. At night the moon rose at its full, and both country and town looked exceedingly beautiful under the silver glow. Continue reading Saturday 6 April 1907

Easter Visitors Guide to Rye

A Quick Guide To Rye

To view Rye there is only one satisfactory way, on foot. The town is very compact and all places of interest are within easy walking distance of each other. Leave your car in one of the car parks scattered around the foot of the town and proceed on Shank’s Pony. Continue reading Easter Visitors Guide to Rye