Rye Travel Agents Show Way

‘Rolling countryside and a fold down bed’.

A train journey through Thailand.

By Anneka Bones.

“As a stopover on my Round-the-World travels with my boyfriend, we spent 3 weeks in Thailand and, on the advice of our travel agent, found ourselves catching the sleeper train from bustling Bangkok up to the chilled-out Chiang Mai. Continue reading Rye Travel Agents Show Way

Two Travellers, two Rucksacks and a Ferry to Paradise…

By Anneka Bones

For the first time in over seven months of backpacking, we were the only people I could see who had rucksacks. We were, finally, breaking new travelling ground and wow, were we loving it! Continue reading Two Travellers, two Rucksacks and a Ferry to Paradise…

When Granville was Young

Everyone in town knows 74 year old Town Councillor Granville Bantick. Many follow his column in Rye Observer and his exploits in cycle races as part of the Rye Wheelers racing team. But what about when he was a young man? Continue reading When Granville was Young

Rye in Russia

Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

From Leningrad we flew into Vilna, the capital of Lithuania it was dark when we reached the Lithuanian Capital because it is a long South and West from Northern Russia, and flying over the lit up city was a grand sight. I had never seen a lit up City from the air before, and as the Soviets called all their cities jewel, it gave me something to start off a speech with and get them smiling. Continue reading Rye in Russia

Rye Travel Agent Top Australian Award

Southern Cross Travel are delighted to announce that Penny Bones, Their own ‘in-house’ Premier Aussie Specialist, has just been voted ‘Aussie Specialist of the Year 2008’ by Tourism Australia. Continue reading Rye Travel Agent Top Australian Award

The Three Jims


by Jim Hollands.

There were three women in America who worked together as nurses over a period of many years. Dixie, Leonora and Josephine went through many ups and downs together but always remained very good friends. Then, over a period of a few short years, in places as far apart as Rye and Los Angeles they all met men called Jim and started new lives with them. Continue reading The Three Jims

The Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta

By Granville Bantick

In my last article I described my experiences of being part of a sponsored bike ride in Vietnam raising money for Mencap. Following the departure of my cycling friends I stayed on at the Viet Dong Hotel in Saigon, having arranged a three day tour of the Mekong Delta. Continue reading The Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta