Rye’s Award Winning Artist

From Ukraine to UK Award Winning Artist Makes Rye Her Inspiration,

Yulia Podolska has come a long way since her childhood in the former Soviet Union. Only six months after arriving in the UK, the 25 year old sculptor has been awarded the Bronze Age (Young) Sculptor Award at the Society of Women Artists’ 149th annual Summer Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, which showcases an accomplished and eclectic mix of artwork in all media. Continue reading Rye’s Award Winning Artist

Rye in Russia

Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

From Leningrad we flew into Vilna, the capital of Lithuania it was dark when we reached the Lithuanian Capital because it is a long South and West from Northern Russia, and flying over the lit up city was a grand sight. I had never seen a lit up City from the air before, and as the Soviets called all their cities jewel, it gave me something to start off a speech with and get them smiling. Continue reading Rye in Russia