Watchebell Sreet

One of Rye’s most famous cobbled streets is Watchbell Street. Set at the very top of the town it is steeped in history. Walking over the blue boulders on a wet winter evening it it easy to imagine the rumble of brandy kegs being rolled by smugglers and hear the impatient whinney of horses waiting to pull their illicit cargo to inns and ale houses throughout Sussex & Kent. Continue reading Watchebell Sreet


Dear Editor,

Can I correct you on your piece in the latest edition of “Rye’s Own”. Sonia Holmes was Chairman 2007/08 of the Policy and Resources Committee at RTC and not Public Services Committee of which I have been Chairman over the past two years. Continue reading Pen&Ink

Jimper’s Jottings

By Jimper’s Jottings.

The editor asked readers to identify the mammal in the photograph. I have studied the picture and am sure it is a common rabbit. I believe I am more qualified than a lot of Council bureaucrats that know nothing unless it suits them. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Rye Maritime Festival 2008

Rain Did Not Stop the Fun

The Maritime Festival seems cursed with bad weather. Despite this,
however, the day was a great success and a large crowd enjoyed the
many attractions and spectacle of the boats and yachts bedecked with
bunting. Continue reading Rye Maritime Festival 2008