Dear Editor,

Can I correct you on your piece in the latest edition of “Rye’s Own”. Sonia Holmes was Chairman 2007/08 of the Policy and Resources Committee at RTC and not Public Services Committee of which I have been Chairman over the past two years.

Are you sure she is Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee at RDC? I would be surprised if she is the Chair as RDC’s committees are usually held by the ruling party. She is Chairman of the Local Action Group in Rye however.

Granville Bantick Udimore Road

Sorry Granville, we misread the lists on the internet. Sorry Sonia, hope you wern’t embarresed by our mistake. Ed.

Dear Editor,

With reference to the picture in the August Issue accompanying Councillor Mery Smith’s article.

Ask any local fisherman to identify the annimal in question and they will tell you it is, of course, an example of the “Bexhill Donkey”.

This is allegedly to save fishermen from refering to them, which was one of their great taboos. They would never go to sea if anyone mentioned them.

In less enlightened parts of the country the are sometimes referred to as “Drummers” or as “Hodge”.

We normally refer to them as dinner, the one photographed is certainly just right to be called a “Fryer”. No Monastic connections, just culinary (Recipe available).

Graham Saunders Rye Harbour

Dear Editor,

Re: The Rabbit!

This is not a rabbit, but a disguised TV camera, put there by Rother District Council to check if the ground is being used.

Next time seen, smile nicely and give the ‘Churchillian’ Salute, reversed of course!

Jim Fiddimore Iden

Dear Editor,

You will not remember me, but when you were a teenager helping your dad with tv’s and aerials on Tilling Green Estate, we were customers. Eileen and Ted Wiggins.

We moved to Dover in 1964, but as we still have family in Rye we keep in touch. Les Baeisue and Judy are my brother and sister-in-law.

Our daughter in law Angie is of the James family and we as extended family are often invited to family get to gethers. Recently it was as guests at the wedding of David James and Charlotte at the Town Hall, a lovely wedding in an ideal setting.

My husband Ted was friendly with Rex Swain, now Rye Town Crier. I took the enclosed photo and wondered if it could be used in Rye’s Own. Rex must be the most photographed Town Crier in the UK!

Scool chums Ted Wiggins and Rex Swain
Scool chums Ted Wiggins and Rex Swain

Also enclosed in a photo taken at a 1960’s Rye Police Ball held at the George Hotel. Happy days!

“Rye’s Own” is sent to daughter-in-law Angie as a present from her sister Jackie, Ted and I read the same copy and then it is sent to Angie’s brother Rod and wife Carol who live in Cyprus. (Well travelled Rye News) All good wishes to you and “Rye’s Own”.

Eileen B. Williams Dover

Of course I remember the Wiggins family, those days on Tilling Green were the best. What a selection of local faces in your other photo, printed on page 27.

Dear Editor

I have just returned from a week in Rye. We were able to rent Smugglers Cottage at the top of Mermaid Street, so we were able to wander around easily.

We have had contacts at Rye since 1969 when my mother lived there so we know it well.

It was a joy to see several shops that have been there for many, many years.

Soon some family from America will be visiting to stay at the Windmill. They wouldn’t miss a visit to Rye!

Jean Saunders Weston- Super-Mare Dear Editor, Could you possibly find out the housing needs, or waiting list for an affordable home, for residents of Rye and the environs? It seems that every development around the town has a high percentage of second home owners. I would cite North Salts, Jarretts Close, Rye View and the new block on the Pottery site. Will the proposed development north of Udimore Road be subject to the sme influx of outsiders? If local need cannot be proved, one assumes the developers will get a much higher percent of proffit. Why did televisions, computers and furniture from the Tilling Green School and the Freda Gardham School be thrown into skips? Surely there was a use for such items? Gross wastage. It is to be hoped that the Freda Garham building does not suffer the same fate of deriliction as the Lower School buildings. That would be criminal. And, finally. I mourn the passing of the names of the benefactors to the town: Freda Gardham and Thomas Peacocke Marion Lovell Playden .The last time I enquired about the numbers on the waiting list for affordable homes was about twelve months ago when Paul Carey came up with 105. Ed.

“Rye’s Own” September 2008

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