Stirling Moss won at Monte Carlo in this car


Over the years this little catch phrase has been used by policemen
up and down the country when ‘interviewing’ motorists they have caught
Stirling never won the Formula One Grand Prix Championship but his
name is more famous than most of those that have. The old English
racer is eighty-nine now but his legendary exploits on the race tracks
of the World will never be forgotten. Continue reading Stirling Moss won at Monte Carlo in this car

The Dulcette Story

The Dulcettes

By Jim Hollands

With our whole world gripped in a stranglehold by an invisible enemy,
many lives have been turned upside down. We are now either among the
bravest of the brave in the front line with the NHS or, volunteers
on the ground supporting NHS staff or with the majority, locked-in
at home helping the doctors and nurses by slowing the spread of the
disease that is taking more lives every day. Continue reading The Dulcette Story

Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions

Todays Competition

for something to do in these long lock-down days

Competition three :- Any National Dress or Period Outfit

Can be something you have in the wardrobe – Something you throw together, an outfit made out of flags or just something you come up with – Better put what country it is supposed to come from if it’s not obvious. Just have fun and pass some of that seemingly endless time. Continue reading Vintage Stuck Indoors Competitions