Over The Sluice Part Two

By Arthur Woodgate

Many members of the Bryant family lived over the Sluice, either in Western Place or like me close by, so I claim that side Bryant, one of Rye’s top runners, second only to the great Shooty shoebridge of Rye Harbour, was one of us, and the Bryants were part of the builders or Rye as we know it today. Continue reading Over The Sluice Part Two

50 Year Anniversary


Rye Old Scholars Association held a very successful reunion on 24th June at Thomas Peacocke Community College for those who were at secondary schools in Rye in the 1960s and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Leasam House in 1956. (This was the boarding house for boys at Rye Grammar School, with agricultural connections, who came from a wider area of Sussex than the normal catchment). In the early 70s Leasam House ceased to be a farm school, but continued as a boarding house when the warden, Colin Green, did much to develop rural studies. After the closure of Saltcote Place for girl boarders around 1990, Leasam became mixed until its closure in 1992.) Continue reading 50 Year Anniversary

Friends of Rye Art Gallery

Garden Party

By Elaine Robertson

Every Rye Society or institution that gives coffee mornings, open gardens or garden parties, holds its collective breath about the weather, but after an unnerving early part of the week the Friends of Rye Art Gallery sighed in relief when 8 July turned out to be a beautiful day with the site of Mrs.Rae Festing’s garden looking at its best. Continue reading Friends of Rye Art Gallery

Julie Andrews was her Claim to Fame

The year was 1945, the War ended and 14 year old Doreen Palmer left school (that was the leaving age then). Doreen lived in the east end of London and started work in the West End for a Russian lady named Katya Krassen in Saville Rowe. By the time she was sixteen Doreen was quite proficient and was asked to make a dress for a twelve year old child. Although she was not keen on the idea, (she was really only into ladies dresses), she went along with it. Doreen was told the little girl was twelve, had a lovely voice and was appearing before the King and Queen in a Command performance and wanted something special to wear. Continue reading Julie Andrews was her Claim to Fame

Work Starts on Rye Harbour ‘Safeway’

Work Starts on the “Safe-way”

As readers are aware, a feasibility study for a Cycle Footway for the length of the Rye Harbour Road was made by East Sussex County Council as long ago as April 2005. The whole route, from the village to the river bridge was included, however due to the length of the route, detailed design and implementation has to be done in a number of phases. Continue reading Work Starts on Rye Harbour ‘Safeway’

Barry Goodsell Under the Hour

Barry Gets Under The Hour

59minutes 39seconds in the Twickenham Cycling Club event on a course near Andover saw Barry get under the hour with 21 seconds to spare. He beat his own Rye & District Wheelers Club Record by more than two and a half minutes. This is a long awaited moment in Wheelers history and will inspire other riders to emulate Barry’s achievement. Other good recent results were the rides of Mark Continue reading Barry Goodsell Under the Hour


How to Trace a Water Leak the Rother way!

Information collated by the Love Lane allotment holders

Site Visit 1  – A plot holder observes a council official on the Love Lane allotment site. The council officer explains that he is looking for the source of a water leak from the underground pipes feeding the water troughs. This is suspected because of a rise in the water bill. The gardener says that he has known the site for many years and offers his assistance in locating any problem. The offer of assistance is rejected. Continue reading RYE’S NEWSREEL AUGUST ISSUE 2006

“Rye’s Own” Cartoonist

Charlie Coleman 1921-2006.

Jimper’s Tribute

Early in July a great friend of many in Rye & Iden passed away after many months of illness. Never letting on to anyone, except his immediate family, about his condition. News of his death came as a shock to all his many friends.

I along with many more have fond memories of a man that would do anything for anyone. Charlie did his bit for his country in the war in Burma then returned to live in Iden. Continue reading “Rye’s Own” Cartoonist