Nazi Invasion Between Hastings and Hythe

After the evacuation of Dunkirk, there was a period of intense activity to prepare defences against an immanently expected invasion of South East England. The Germans were massed on the French coast after their lightening victories in France and the Low Countries. Now Britain was firmly in their sights. It would only be a matter of time before they turned their attention to invading the land they could see just 22 miles away over the English Channel. Continue reading Nazi Invasion Between Hastings and Hythe

100 Years have Passed Since The War To End All Wars Began


28 July 1914 was a beautiful summer day, but by the time the sun had set a terrible war had started that would not end for over four years.

By 11am on the 11 November 1918, when the armistice brought silence to the battlefields of France and Flanders, in excess of nine million souls lay dead, many never to be found and placed in a marked grave. Continue reading 100 Years have Passed Since The War To End All Wars Began

Jimper’s Jottings

By Jimper’s Jottings.

The editor asked readers to identify the mammal in the photograph. I have studied the picture and am sure it is a common rabbit. I believe I am more qualified than a lot of Council bureaucrats that know nothing unless it suits them. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

50 Year Anniversary


Rye Old Scholars Association held a very successful reunion on 24th June at Thomas Peacocke Community College for those who were at secondary schools in Rye in the 1960s and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Leasam House in 1956. (This was the boarding house for boys at Rye Grammar School, with agricultural connections, who came from a wider area of Sussex than the normal catchment). In the early 70s Leasam House ceased to be a farm school, but continued as a boarding house when the warden, Colin Green, did much to develop rural studies. After the closure of Saltcote Place for girl boarders around 1990, Leasam became mixed until its closure in 1992.) Continue reading 50 Year Anniversary

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

On Saturday the 13th August My son and his family came to visit me in Main Street Beckley, during the afternoon my son took his children to the Jubilee playing fields in Main Street Beckley, he laid his rather large bunch of keys down next to the swings whilst he played with the children. There was no one else in the playing fields at the time. When he got back to the house he realised that he had not picked the keys up. He went straight back to the playing fields but the keys had gone. We are prepared to offer a small reward for the safe return of these keys. If you should hear of anyone having found these keys, please could you put me in touch with them. Telephone either 01797 253344 or 01797 260886.

Ms Jones

Dear Editor

Could you start a subscription for me. Due to problems with my leg I am now housebound. Doesn’t time fly, I had a subscription in 1966/67 when I was in the Army stationed in Germany.

The articles are very good, together with the photos and drawings. I found the piece on H.M.S. Rye and her part in the Malta Story especially interesting. I have read “Forgotten Voices of World War Two” and there was a mention of HMS Rye told by a sailor on one of the other ships.

Its nice to the occasional mention of my Uncle Bill (Blower) Pierce. Nice to send to my son and grandchildren who live in Stoke on Trent so that they can know something of their roots. It is good that they can see we have Potteries in Rye, no so big as in their ‘Potteries’, but excellent pots have been produced down here.

Gordon Pierce                                                        Broad Oak

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to receive an e-mail today with regard to assault on the cleaner at the toilets at Rye Station Approach. You can be assured that Cllr Souster and I will do what we can to alleviate this problem. I shall personally be speaking to the police. It occurs to me that in the longer term there has to be CCTV surveillance at this spot to back up the police presence, as most of the trouble in Rye appears to be in this area with the nearby bus shelter also being vandalised. Please pass on our sympathy to the cleaner who was attacked and assure him that we will do what we can to see that at the very least the police are watchful at locking up time to protect him in future. Sadly at the moment many members of the police force have been taken away from Sussex to bolster the Met in London during this time of terrorist crisis. Community Support Officers are having to take the strain.

District Councillor Granville Bantick.

“Rye’s Own” September 2005

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