What’s in a Name

By Arthur Woodgate

At 6.30 am. off we went along Wish Street where we met up with a friend of my mother, a Mrs Milton. We then met up with mother’s sister, Aunt Martha (I wonder why they called me Arthur!) and a crowd of Ryers. At the bottom of Leasam Hill – we all went up the grassed hill – how they got me up there, I don’t Continue reading What’s in a Name

Earl Beatty – Freeman of Rye

By Frank Palmer

In January 1920 the First Sea Lord, Admiral Earl Beatty was admitted
to the honorary freedom of the Borough of Rye in appreciation of his
outstanding naval service during W.W.I. He succeeded Earl Jellicoe
as First Sea Lord, and was the youngest British Admiral since Nelson. Continue reading Earl Beatty – Freeman of Rye

50 Year Anniversary


Rye Old Scholars Association held a very successful reunion on 24th June at Thomas Peacocke Community College for those who were at secondary schools in Rye in the 1960s and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Leasam House in 1956. (This was the boarding house for boys at Rye Grammar School, with agricultural connections, who came from a wider area of Sussex than the normal catchment). In the early 70s Leasam House ceased to be a farm school, but continued as a boarding house when the warden, Colin Green, did much to develop rural studies. After the closure of Saltcote Place for girl boarders around 1990, Leasam became mixed until its closure in 1992.) Continue reading 50 Year Anniversary

The Lady Who Lived on the Hill

By Frank Palmer

The name Lady Maud Warrender crops up in Rye history during the earlier part of the 20th. century, known for her fine contralto voice, and much in demand to sing at local concerts; as well as her connections with the good and the great throughout the land. Continue reading The Lady Who Lived on the Hill

Faces From The Past

Photographed at the 1962 Radio Fair are the late Clive Wall and R.G.D Representative Aubrey Phillips. The motor is a Bentley that was later won by a customer of J. E. Hollands and Sons Television shop in Cinque Ports Street. Continue reading Faces From The Past