Faces From The Past

Photographed at the 1962 Radio Fair are the late Clive Wall and R.G.D Representative Aubrey Phillips. The motor is a Bentley that was later won by a customer of J. E. Hollands and Sons Television shop in Cinque Ports Street.

                              Fishermen All

This picture, from the Harry Kennard collection, was taken much earlier, possibly just before the War. It shows the legendary Rye fisherman Harry ‘Crusty’ Crampton and three other Rye fishing characters.

The stories about ‘Crusty’ are endless, JimperPast

Harry ‘Crusty’ Crampton, James Kennard, Jim Southerden and Fred Tiltman at Rye Fishmarket.




Past1Clive Wall (on the right) and Aubrey Phillips at the 1962 Radio Fair.



Sutton once told me that Harry took King George V. fishing in Rye Bay on one of His Majesty’s unofficial visits to Rye when he would stay at Leasam House, the residence of Lord and Lady Warrender. The story goes that the King had to make a hurried return to London so Harry brought his trawler, powered by sail only, close on to the beach near the River Mouth at Rye Harbour. The King was able to jump ashore without getting his feet wet and Harry Crampton manoeuvred his vessel around and back to sea without coming aground.

From “Rye’s Own” March 2004

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