The Film Extras


It was early May 1956 and the chimney sweeping season was over. Window cleaning should be the mainstay of ‘the family’ but an unusually wet April had meant there were slim pickings and times were hard. Continue reading The Film Extras

Class Four Lion Street 1931

How many of these young ladies from 1931 do you remember?

Sometimes a piece of history turns up at “Rye’s Own” that we can’t wait to show our readers. This is one of those times. Mrs. Cox sent in this wonderful picture of the large room at the Lion Street School depicting the girls class Four of 1931. This Continue reading Class Four Lion Street 1931

Rye’s First Photographer

Edwin Thomas Gasson of Rye

1827 – 1904

Carpenter, photographer, taxidermist and museum proprietor.

By John C. Pulford

In a family letter written in 1956 by my great, great uncle living in Watchbell street, Edwin Thomas Gasson was remembered as “rather a clever old chap, he used to stuff birds and was a photographer and also did some artistic work in broken china”. Continue reading Rye’s First Photographer

Rye Harbour

RYE HARBOUR This photograph from the Frank Palmer Collection is undated but was probably taken in the 1930’s. The chap, third from the left, is wearing a tamashanta. He and his three companions are possibly golfers waiting for the ferry to take them across the river. The group on the right seem to be fisherman, one is wearing a smock Some of our readers from Rye Harbour might even come up with names and a firm date of when the image was captured.

From the May 2007 issue of “Ryes Own”

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