Wright Biplane Flying at Camber

Mr. OgiIvy’s flight from Camber Sands, 1911 flying a Wright Biplane
In 1911

Rye’s Own printed an article in 1966 about the 1911 flight by Alec Ogilvie in a Wright Biplane. A postcard has been found with a further picture of the event.

Wright Biplane at Camber 1911

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Anita Harris in March Rye’s Own

Carry on Crew at Camber in the 1960’s

Anita Harris, the popular songstress who is still performing at theatres and on television up to the present time, was at Camber Sands in 1967 with the ‘Carry On Crew’ filming “Follow that Camel” Continue reading Anita Harris in March Rye’s Own

Camber Sands deaths

Camber Sands deaths – further appeal for witnesses

A coroner has appealed for more witnesses to come forward after five people died at Camber Sands on a single day this summer.

Police 2

The five men, all from the London area, died on Wednesday, 24 August despite efforts to save them. The men, who all knew each other, were friends and family had travelled to Sussex together for a day out.

The East Sussex coroner, Alan Craze, opened the inquests at the beginning of the month and buy levitra 5mg costo has since spoken to Sussex Police about helping him gather more witnesses for the full inquests.

Detective Sergeant Alex Campbell said: “This was an incredibly tragic incident to have happened on such a popular beach. To help with the inquest we are Continue reading Camber Sands deaths

Five men who died at Camber have been named

The five men who died at Camber Sands have now been named.



They are Kenugen Saththiyanathan, 18, and his brother Kobikanthan Saththiyanathan, 22 both of Normandy Way, Erith and their friends Nitharsan Ravi, 22 of Admaston Road, Plumstead, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, 23 of Chadwell Road, Grays and Gurushanth Srithavarajah, 27 of Elsa Road, Welling. Continue reading Five men who died at Camber have been named

Five Men Drown at Camber – Who are They?

Two more bodies recovered at Camber Sands


Sussex Police Report

Two more bodies have been recovered from the sea at Camber Sands this evening (Wednesday 24 August).

Three men died after being pulled from the same area of Camber Sands earlier this afternoon. The bodies of a further two men have been found in the water between 8.15pm and 8.45pm. Continue reading Five Men Drown at Camber – Who are They?

Jimper Classics – Number One

Doomed from the Start

Someone had an idea for a documentary to be shown on the television.  The plan was for a typical English family of five to take a holiday at the seaside and do whatever they wished.  To start with that was not to the scriptwriter’s fancy.  He or she had other plans; they had to do something and keep to a schedule.

Jimper Sutton
Jimper Sutton

So the plot was hatched.  The location was to be Blackpool in midsummer and the family was to come from Manchester.  The producer sent someone out to view the location and rent a chalet on the seashore with the promise that it opened straight onto the sands.  Alas the person came back with the news that such a place was nowhere to be found and more to the point would be very expensive at the peak of the holiday season and any rent-able property had been booked months before.  Continue reading Jimper Classics – Number One

Riot at Camber

“Rye’s Own” – Only News Media to Pick Up the Story

June 2006


On Sunday 18 June 2006 there were reports coming into our offices of a Riot at Camber. Police cars, ambulances and Fire Engines were streaming through Rye and a major incident was suspected by members of the public.

Strangely there were no reports of the event on Radio or Television even though locals were talking of 60 riot policemen and armed police at the scene. The Continue reading Riot at Camber

George Clooney in Rye

Dozens of people waited at the Bottom of mermaid Street on Thursday 7 June to catch a glimpse of American film idol, George Clooney who is prime mover in the new war film recently completed at local locations. Continue reading George Clooney in Rye