Wright Biplane Flying at Camber

Mr. OgiIvy’s flight from Camber Sands, 1911 flying a Wright Biplane
In 1911

Rye’s Own printed an article in 1966 about the 1911 flight by Alec Ogilvie in a Wright Biplane. A postcard has been found with a further picture of the event.

Wright Biplane at Camber 1911

Alec Ogilvie stayed in Rye and flew his aircraft, a Wright Brothers Biplane, powered by an N.E.C. Short engine.

He was attempting to win the coveted Michelin Cup, put up by the tyre company for the longest flight.

Alec Ogilvey on Camber Sands after his Flight

First competed for in 1908 it was won by Wilbur Wright, who with his brother Orville, had built the very first aircraft that flew successfully in 1903. Wilber covered 77.5 miles with a flight made on 31 December 1908 at Le Mans.

Henry Farman won in 1909 and picked uo 20,000 franks and a Bronze Replica of the Michelin Trophy  with a flight of 145.533 which took him 4h 6m 25s made on 3 November at Chalons.


1910 saw Maurice Tabuteau flying a Maurice Farman biplane 363.344 miles in7hr 48m 36.s at Buc on 30 December.
In 1911, the closing date for the competition was brought forward to 31 October. It was won by E. Helen flying a Nieuport II monoplane on 8 September, he covered 778.5 miles in 14 hr 7 min.

Alec Ogilvey

Alec Ogilvie attempted to win the event on a triangular circuit based on Camber. We could find no record of the distance covered.

The photographs were taken by Whiteman, the famous Rye Photographer
Mr Ogilvy’s Flight Over Rye 5 May 1911
Mr. Ogilvie’s Wright biplane in flight, over Rye May 2011

Mr. Alec Ogilvie, on his N.E.C. engined Short-Wright machine, flying well over the Camber sands during his recent fine flight for the Michelin Cup.

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Sunday 1 October 2017

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Alec Ogilvey on Camber Sands after his Flight