50 Years The Royal Visit

By Jim Hollands

Fifty years seems a long time but looking back to 1965 from 2015 it seems not so long at all.

“Rye’s Own” was started with the intention that it should report and support Rye. There can be no doubt that it has always done that, although in those early days Rye Borough Council was running the town’s affairs in a very efficient and effective way and the magazine did not find itself at the forefront of political confrontation as it does in this modern age. Continue reading 50 Years The Royal Visit

Rye in Top Five Towns in Britain Worthy of Preservation

This Article was Reprinted by kind permission of the Civic Trust and Architects Journal in the “Rye’s Own” July 1968 edition.

All Rye, Rother and East Sussex Councillors should note that Rye was judged to be in the TOP FIVE worthy of preservation, along with York, Canterbury, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Bexhill did not feature in the first 324 towns.

Rye on the Short List for Preservation CBA list of historic towns

Continue reading Rye in Top Five Towns in Britain Worthy of Preservation

Beating the Bounds of Rye 1982

The Boundaries of Rye

Beating the bounds is an ancient custom which has been observed in Rye on occasion over the years. The custom started in times when there were few maps. Sometimes the events were known as  name Gangdays, and participants would be  going a-ganging. Records of Gangdays date prior to the Norman Conquest.

Rye follows the traditional pattern of  old and young members of the community walking the the boundaries of the parish. Continue reading Beating the Bounds of Rye 1982

Christine Turnbull’s Balloon Flight from Rye

The latest “Rye’s Own” 1960’s film.

Christine Turnbull with Rye's Own to give to the first French person she met on landing
Christine Turnbull with Rye’s Own to give to the first French person she met on landing

A flight from Rye Salts to France was made by Christine Turnbull to gain her Balloon Pilot Licence. An article in the March 1967 “Rye’s Own” records the epic events. Continue reading Christine Turnbull’s Balloon Flight from Rye

E F Benson Freeman of Rye

Benson Honoured for His Service to Rye

By Jim Hollands

It is March 1938 – The winds of war are gathering and all Europe lives in fear of another conflict of arms – German troops had occupied the Rhineland in 1936, in direct conflict with their obligations under the terms of the 1918 surrender agreement. Hitler’s Army, Naval and Air strength was being built up at a rate that could only mean one thing – His aerial power was rehearsed and demonstrated in Spain in the civil war, Gurnica was flattened by bombing and the civilian population learned that wars would be total from now on with the civilian population in the front line – Winston Churchill was a voice in the wilderness – England slept on. Continue reading E F Benson Freeman of Rye

Alf Horner – Noble Hero

By Jim Hollands

Pictures from the Horner Collection

Just recently, John Horner, who now lives in Hastings, loaned me two albums packed with photographs of his father and events in Rye and the local area in the 20th. century. Many are previously unpublished.

Alfred Horner, known to all Rye as Alf, was a friend of my father. They both worked in businesses in the town and later had their own grocery shops. They were in the Home Guard together in the war years and continued running shops in Rye until they died, within two months of each other, in 1969. Continue reading Alf Horner – Noble Hero