A Community Centre for Tilling Green – The Film

A film made in conjunction with the people of Tilling Green in the period after the Tilling Green School Closed and the building stood empty.

East Sussex County Council were ‘persuaded’ that the electrics that had been torn out were replaced and the building opened up as a Community Centre for the 2000 plus people that live on Tilling Green and in the immediate area. Continue reading A Community Centre for Tilling Green – The Film

Rye Newsagent Posts Closing Down Notice

Is Rother Tax Demand the Last Straw for Bargain Box?

Another long established business in Rye seems to be on the verge of closure.

Bargain Box in Cinque Ports Street have been there for years and carried on a newsagents business that has been run in the same street since long before World War Two. Continue reading Rye Newsagent Posts Closing Down Notice

Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Our Elected Councillors Do Their Best – But Their Objections will be overuled

By Jim Hollands

Well done Rye Town Council for objecting to the Tilling Green ‘money spinning building plan’ – Pity it will make no difference – Rye Town Council have only advisory powers – And the ‘Power of Well-Being’ – whatever that is.

There should be no building there at all – Leave the old school in the capable hands of the people of Tilling Green as a VIABLE Community Centre and recreational grounds for the 2000 plus people who live on the estate. Continue reading Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Lucky Rye – But for How Long?

Rother District Council  and East Sussex County Council Should Stop this Happening to Rye

The terrible flooding in Cumbria has brought misery to the people of many beautiful towns in the area. Storm ‘Desmond’ dropped a months worth of rain in 24 hours and has devastated the area. Continue reading Lucky Rye – But for How Long?

Rye in Top Five Towns in Britain Worthy of Preservation

This Article was Reprinted by kind permission of the Civic Trust and Architects Journal in the “Rye’s Own” July 1968 edition.

All Rye, Rother and East Sussex Councillors should note that Rye was judged to be in the TOP FIVE worthy of preservation, along with York, Canterbury, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Bexhill did not feature in the first 324 towns.

Rye on the Short List for Preservation CBA list of historic towns

Continue reading Rye in Top Five Towns in Britain Worthy of Preservation

What a Bloody Cheek!

By Jim Hollands

After years of neglecting Rye and the fabric of it’s ancient buildings which Rother District Council took on the responsibility for in 1974, they (Rother) now have the audacity to want to ‘sell’ the Landgate Tower back to Rye so that they (Rother District Council) can abdicate their responsibilities for maintaining an Historic Building.

If they have the power to give the Landgate back to Rye, then they are able to return all our Car Parks, Toilets, Parks and Gardens, property, and the £4,000,000 plus interest they have had after selling the Houses of Tilling Green which were built by Rye Borough Council. Continue reading What a Bloody Cheek!

Save Tilling Green Community Centre

Another Irreplaceable Rye Community Facility about to be Demolished

The following film “The Future of Tilling Green”, was made a few years ago when the Primary School on Mason Road was closed, the electrics and gas stripped out so it could not be used, and the building was boarded up waiting for an excuse for demolition.

This was the same underhand method that was used with the Ferry Road Primary School. It was abandoned and one building suffered an arson attack. This was used as an excuse to demolish the other buildings. ESCC failed miserably to find a buyer and the community was robbed of a fine site for a library and sports facilities. Continue reading Save Tilling Green Community Centre

Cycle / Footway Open – Now we Must Move on

With the completion, at long last, of the cycle / Footway linking Rye & Rye Harbour we must move on and get the cycle route around Rye under construction.

This route would circumnavigate the town, linking the existing Cycle / Footways from Lydd to Rye, Cadbrough to Winchelsea and the new Rye Harbour route. Continue reading Cycle / Footway Open – Now we Must Move on

Cycle / Footpath Finished Today

Graham’s Way will be Officially Opened Next Tuesday

“Rye’s Own” Reports :-

It is almost eleven years since Graham Matthews was knocked off his bike on Rye Harbour Road and killed.


This was a notoriously dangerous stretch of road to anyone walking as there were no places to get off the road, the verges were covered in brambles and undergrowth right up to the edge of the turnpike. Continue reading Cycle / Footpath Finished Today

Mayor’s Report 2015


Rye Town Meeting – Mayor’s Overview of 2014-15

Perhaps the Council’s most popular decision over the past 12 months was the appointment of a town steward for the Parish. In response to numerous complaints over the last few years, Nicky Ledger was appointed in January to help improve the appearance of the Parish and make Rye a more attractive place in which to live, work, study and visit. Continue reading Mayor’s Report 2015