What a Bloody Cheek!

By Jim Hollands

After years of neglecting Rye and the fabric of it’s ancient buildings which Rother District Council took on the responsibility for in 1974, they (Rother) now have the audacity to want to ‘sell’ the Landgate Tower back to Rye so that they (Rother District Council) can abdicate their responsibilities for maintaining an Historic Building.

If they have the power to give the Landgate back to Rye, then they are able to return all our Car Parks, Toilets, Parks and Gardens, property, and the £4,000,000 plus interest they have had after selling the Houses of Tilling Green which were built by Rye Borough Council. Continue reading What a Bloody Cheek!

Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

The Rother Wreckers

They knocked down headstones in Rye Cemetery – They knocked down the Chapel in the Cemetery and turned it into an ‘Historic Relic’.

Rother have let the famous cobble streets of Rye fall into an abysmal state of repair and the Landgate is in such need of restoration due to their negligence over the years that it will soon be in a state of collapse. Continue reading Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

Sneaky Rother are at it Again

Rye Cemetery

In the name of ‘Health & Safety’ they have now torn down the Chapel in Rye Cemetery that was damaged by fire and are turning it into a ‘Historic Ruin’

Many readers have written and phoned us in absolute dismay at the way the Chapel has been ‘ruined’. Here is one example. Continue reading Sneaky Rother are at it Again

Edwin Hollis Pulford


The story of Edwin Hollis Pulford from Ship’s Cook and Shoemaker to Sergeant at Mace and Town Crier of Rye.

By J. C. Pulford.

One day, about 35 years ago, the then Town Crier of Rye, Percy Sherwood, an old acquaintance of my father’s, led my father and me to an upstairs room in the Town Hall to show us an old book that was kept there. In the book was the signature of one of Percy’s Victorian predecessors -Edwin Hollis Pulford. Continue reading Edwin Hollis Pulford

Chapel of Rest Gutted


Arson Suspected

Two fire appliances rushed up Rye Hill in the early hours of Monday morning (28 January) to fight a fire at Rye Cemetery.

The Chapel of Rest was burning well by the time they arrived and despite their efforts they were unable to save the roof. Extra water was obtained from a hydrant adjacent to the famous Top of the Hill pub & Restaurant, almost a quarter mile away. Rye firemen fought the blaze through the night, saving the walls of the building, which housed lawn mowers and other gardening tools. Continue reading Chapel of Rest Gutted

Rother Condemned by Rye Representatives


In an amazing report to Rye Town Council Rye District Councillor Sam Souster claimed that Rother District Council was an “undemocratic body seemingly incapable of managing its responsibilities in Rye in a satisfactory manner”.

Continue reading Rother Condemned by Rye Representatives

Rye’s Own Editorial November 2004

A Matter of Priorities

What would the average man in the street think was the greater death risk, visiting Rye Cemetery or riding a cycle along the Rye Harbour Road? Every single person I asked thought it was a stupid question, without exception they said riding to Rye Harbour. Ask the same question of Rother District Council, they are knocking down headstones in our cemeteries as fast as they can and look like having to shell out £34,000 of our money to pay for it. That money would have gone a long way towards building a cycle / footpath down the two mile ‘Death Road’ that so recently cost the life of 22 year old Graham Matthews. Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial November 2004