Edwin Hollis Pulford


The story of Edwin Hollis Pulford from Ship’s Cook and Shoemaker to Sergeant at Mace and Town Crier of Rye.

By J. C. Pulford.

One day, about 35 years ago, the then Town Crier of Rye, Percy Sherwood, an old acquaintance of my father’s, led my father and me to an upstairs room in the Town Hall to show us an old book that was kept there. In the book was the signature of one of Percy’s Victorian predecessors -Edwin Hollis Pulford. Continue reading Edwin Hollis Pulford

The Monkbretton Road Bridge

By Laurie A. Cooksey

As early as 1876, the Highways Board had discussed the suggestion of constructing a bridge across the River Rother just below the the (then) single track swing bridge of the South Eastern Railway, together with a direct road to East Guldeford just over half a mile to the east of Rye, but although several meetings took place, the plans were dropped on the grounds of being too expensive. Continue reading The Monkbretton Road Bridge