Road Closed at East Guldeford for Seven Hours

Police seek witnesses to crash involving a van and a lorry on the A259 near Rye

The A259 road on the Kent-Sussex border at East Guldeford, near Rye, was closed in both directions for almost seven hours on Wednesday (26 October).

Police 2

It followed a crash involving a van and a lorry. Traffic diversions were set up via Camber and Lydd. Continue reading Road Closed at East Guldeford for Seven Hours

Jimper’s Jottings August 2000


Now there is a word to conjure with. I thought it meant planning, but councils don’t seem to grasp the fact that it is not just for today but for the future that real planning comes into its own. Rye is a very old town and to live on into the future it must breath and to do that it must move on and grow a little.

There is little room left in the town for homes to be built. So where to go? Rock Channel is out, its very low and could flood. East Guildford way would not help to pull the town together. Rye Hill? I don’t think so, Playden is not Rye and should stay separate. The real area for Rye to grow in during the next 100 years is Cadborough Farm, joining up New Winchelsea Road and West Undercliff. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings August 2000

Before the Age of Health&Safety

By Arthur Woodgate.

There was Only One Long Ladder in Town.

“I have a ventilation pipe to renew on East Guldeford Church” said
the Boss. Continue reading Before the Age of Health&Safety

Pen & Ink – April 2012


Pen & Ink
Pen & Ink [email protected]

Dear Editor

I was amazed by the problems caused at East Guldeford by the Great Crested Newts. Is it true that there are no shortages of this species in this area, and is it right they can be found in almost any ditch on the Pett Marshes?
As lads in the 1950’s we used to collect the dragon newts from a well known local water course.
Almost every lad that lived on Tilling Green had a fish tank with rocks, weeds and a few inches of water and a collection of these magnificent creatures. My own Continue reading Pen & Ink – April 2012

Rye Photographer Charles Axell

This remarkable photograph was one of the last ever taken by Rye Photographer Charles Henry Axell. It was late Spring 1918, the sheep had not yet
been sheared and the leaves were thick on the trees. The war still raged across the Channel. The Rye & Camber Tram Station was quiet and the shadows from the trees indicate it was still fairly early in the morning. There are tents pitched Continue reading Rye Photographer Charles Axell

Rye Country Show 2007


Great news about this year’s Rye Show at Salts Farm, East Guldeford on Saturday August 18th …

All the old favourites will be there again to thrill and amuse everyone – the Rye Warbirds model aeroplanes, Terrier Racing, Grand Raffle, lots of fun games and sideshows and stalls, and of course the multi-ring Horse Show and Dog Show. Continue reading Rye Country Show 2007

Local Powers


A Far seeing Article written in March 2006.

By Peter Etherton.

Most people in Rye take only a passing interest in the Rye Town Council. The mayor of this once powerful body gets his picture in the local paper most weeks but never for anything political. At one recent election there were thirteen candidates and twelve got in making me wonder what provisions were made for the thirteenth. He was clearly a good and honourable man who had much to offer the town. I would have co-opted him for something. Continue reading Local Powers

Pen & Ink


Dear Editor,

The enclosed copy photograph is of the Tug-of War Team of the Cinque Ports volunteer Reserve. They were the champion team at the Brigade Camp in 1895 photographed with their individual Cups displayed on the table before them. Continue reading Pen & Ink