Before the Age of Health&Safety

By Arthur Woodgate.

There was Only One Long Ladder in Town.

“I have a ventilation pipe to renew on East Guldeford Church” said
the Boss. Continue reading Before the Age of Health&Safety

The Crown All Saints Street


By John Hodges

In the days that Hastings had a town wall it would not have been surprising to find allusions to it in the names of the adjoining streets. Indeed, High Street itself developed along what was the road leading from the Sea Gate, whilst across the valley of the Bourne, All Saints Street was originally known as the ‘Kings Highways leading from the Pulpit Gate to the Minnes’. Continue reading The Crown All Saints Street

The Printing Reformer

“A Summary History of Rye”
The Printing Reformer

by Rya

Part XVII — Henry Pocock Clark

In 1861 H. P. Clark’s printing office in the High Street issued “Clark’s Guide and History of Rye,” a small volume of great interest to the local historian for much that is recorded therein is not to be found elsewhere. Written in a witty and amusing style, often interspersed with verse, the author revealed probably far Continue reading The Printing Reformer