The Crown All Saints Street


By John Hodges

In the days that Hastings had a town wall it would not have been surprising to find allusions to it in the names of the adjoining streets. Indeed, High Street itself developed along what was the road leading from the Sea Gate, whilst across the valley of the Bourne, All Saints Street was originally known as the ‘Kings Highways leading from the Pulpit Gate to the Minnes’. Continue reading The Crown All Saints Street

The Stag


By John Hodges

There is little doubt that All Saints Street now takes its name from the ancient parish church located at its northern end. Previous to this it had been described in old deeds as “The King’s Highwaye leading from the Pulpitt Gate to the Minness”. For a period between these two names, it was known as Fish, or Fisher Street after the calling of so many of those who lived there. Continue reading The Stag