Seven for Tea

Rye Wheelers Tuesday Afternoon Ride at Ham Street


Seven riders made up the group for a recent Tuesday afternoon ‘gentle ride’ through the lanes of Romney Marsh from Appledore Bridge via Newchurch to Ham Street, where they mad a bee-line for the Cosy Kettle at the Lantern Building in The Street for refreshments.

The ride back to Appledore, through more lanes, totalled another eight miles on the fifteen ridden before the refreshment stop so a total of 23 miles was comfortable enough for riders of any standard.

Come and join us at 12 Noon Appledore Bridge on any Tuesday. Good fun for everyone with a bonus of fitness and weight loss. Very little traffic on these Rye Wheeler routes and the sun always shines on Tuesday afternoons.


Ryes Own Bulletin  Wednesday 9 May 2018

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ARRC Ltd. Liquidation brings down ARRCC

End of the Road for Popular Rye Charity ARRCC

By Jim Hollands

Regular readers will know that Rye’s Own has never been shy when
criticising East Sussex County Council and Council Leader, Keith Glazier
but things said about him and East Sussex C.C. relating to the demise
of popular local charity ARRCC by a local internet news service have
got Rye’s Own jumping to their defence.

Grace O’Neill (left) of ARRCC, in better days, chats with  Mayor Paul Osborne and Arrow Radio interviewer

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8 Years for Manslaughter

Men from Rye given eight years for Hastings manslaughter

Report from Sussex Police.


When brothers Brian and Andrew Hill went out together for their usual twice monthly drinks in their home town of Hastings, they didn’t know that evening would end in tragedy. Brian would end up with severe head injuries and pass away a few days later after being attacked by two young men.

Now read about the police investigation and how we traced the two men involved and brought them to justice for their involvement in Brian’s death. Continue reading 8 Years for Manslaughter

Five Year Sentences Each for Hastings Street Attack

Two sentenced to five years for Hastings street attack

Two 21-year old men have each been sentenced to five years imprisonment for a vicious late night street attack in Hastings town centre two years ago.

Conor Hodge (pictured left), unemployed, of Priory Road, Hastings, and Jason Easton (pictured right), a student, of Lullington Close, Bexhill, were sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on Thursday 3 March having been convicted of grievous bodily harm, at the same court on 16 January. Continue reading Five Year Sentences Each for Hastings Street Attack

A Message to Rye’s Own Readers from the Prime Minister

Today I set out the Government’s 12 negotiating objectives for leaving the European Union – part of our plan for Britain, which aims to get the right deal abroad while ensuring a better deal for ordinary working people here at home – and I wanted you to be one of the first to know about it.

The referendum last June was a vote to leave the European Union. But it was also a vote for change – to shape a brighter future for our country, to make it stronger and fairer, and to embrace the world. And it is the job of this Conservative Government to deliver it and to get the right deal for Britain as we do.

We seek a new and equal partnership – between an independent, self-governing Global Britain and our friends and allies in the European Union. We are leaving the EU, not Europe.

Tell me what you think about our plan.

That means taking the opportunity of this great moment of national change to step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. To pursue 12 objectives that amount to one goal: a new, positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the European Union.

1. Certainty: whenever we can, we will provide it. And we can confirm today that the Government will put the final deal that is agreed between the UK and EU to a vote in both Houses of Parliament.

2. Control of our own laws: we will bring an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Britain. Because we will not have truly left the European Union if we are not in control of our own laws.

3. Strengthen the Union: we must strengthen the precious Union between the four nations of the United Kingdom. We will work very carefully to ensure that – as powers are repatriated back to Britain – the right powers are returned to Westminster and the right powers are passed to the devolved administrations. We will make sure that no new barriers to living and doing business within our Union are created.

4. Maintain the Common Travel Area with Ireland: we will work to deliver a practical solution that allows the maintenance of the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland, while protecting the integrity of the United Kingdom’s immigration system.

5. Control of immigration: the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign was clear: Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe. We will continue to attract the brightest and the best to work or study in Britain but there must be control.

6. Rights for EU nationals in Britain, and British nationals in the EU: we want to guarantee these rights as early as we can. We have told other EU leaders that we can offer EU nationals here this certainty, as long as this is reciprocated for British citizens in EU countries.

7. Protect workers’ rights: as we translate the body of European law into our domestic regulations, we will ensure that workers’ rights are fully protected and maintained.

8. Free trade with European markets: as a priority we will pursue a bold and ambitious Free Trade Agreement with the European Union. This agreement should allow for the freest possible trade in goods and services between Britain and EU member states. It cannot mean membership of the EU’s Single Market. That would mean complying with European Court of Justice rulings, free movement and other EU rules and regulations without having a vote on what those rules and regulations are. And because we will no longer be members of the Single Market, we will not be required to contribute huge sums to the EU budget. If we contribute to some specific EU programmes that we wish to participate in, it will be for us to decide.

9. New trade agreements with other countries: it is time for Britain to become a global trading nation, striking trade agreements around the world. Through the Common Commercial Policy and the Common External Tariff, full Customs Union membership prevents us from doing this – but we do want to have a customs agreement with the EU and have an open mind on how we achieve this end.

10. The best place for science and innovation: we will continue to collaborate with our European partners on major science, research and technology initiatives.

11. Co-operation in the fight against crime and terrorism: we want our future relationship with the EU to include practical arrangements on matters of law enforcement and intelligence.

12. A smooth, orderly Brexit: we want to have reached an agreement about our future partnership by the time the two year Article 50 process has concluded. From that point onwards, we expect a phased process of implementation. We will work to avoid a disruptive cliff-edge.

These are our objectives for Brexit. A truly Global Britain – the best friend and neighbour to our European partners, but also a country that reaches beyond the borders of Europe and embraces the world. A country that gets out into the world to build relationships with old friends and new allies alike – a great, global trading nation that is respected around the world and strong, confident and united at home.

Please share your views on our plan for Britain. Take the survey now.

So let’s work hard and together let’s make Brexit a success.

Thank you for your support,

Rt Hon. Theresa May MP

Theresa May
Prime Minister

Latest on Suspicious Death in St Leonards

Five bailed as police continue to investigate man’s death at flats in St Leonards-on-Sea

Five people arrested on suspicion of murder following the death on New Year’s Day (Sunday, 1 January) of a 25-year-old local man at flats in Charles Road, St Leonards-on-sea, have been released on bail while police enquiries continue.

Two men aged 35 and 29, and two women aged 29 and 24 all from St Leonards, together with a 26-year-old man from Tring, Hertfordshire, have been bailed until 2 March 2017 pending further enquiries.

During the early hours of the morning the victim fell through the corrugated plastic ceiling of a kitchen annexe in a basement flat. Despite efforts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is thought he fell from a parapet four storeys up after an incident in another flat within the same terrace.

A post mortem examination carried out on Monday afternoon (2 January) found the cause of death to have been injuries sustained in a fall from height.

The matter has been reported to the coroner for East Sussex.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Ashcroft, of the Surrey and Sussex major crime team, who is now leading the investigation, said: “We are keen to talk to anyone who may have information about what happened.

“If they saw or heard anything suspicious, or may be able to help in any other way, I would urge them to contact us quoting Operation Masefield.”

Alternatives are to contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 ( or to report details online at:


Rye’s Own Bulletin Monday 2 January 2017

Tobias is Home after Five Months

Finding Tobias

It was a very happy new year in the Rose household in Chichester as Tobias the Chihuahua was reunited with his family after five long months.

Owner Kayleigh Rose had all but given hope of ever seeing Tobias again when he disappeared in August, but just before Christmas, she received a strange telephone call suggesting that he was in Hertfordshire. The caller did not give any more information, but Sussex Police were able to establish that Tobias’s microchip had been scanned by a vet in Ware, Hertfordshire. Continue reading Tobias is Home after Five Months

Russians Off Rye Again

Russian Navel Presence in Channel Again

Remember the picture of the Russian Navy sailing past Rye? It seems there were more Russian warships off our coast during the last few days.

The Russian Frigate  Yaroslav Mudry  was shadowed by the Royal Navy through the International waters, just outside British Territorial waters, at a time of diplomatic tensions between Moscow and London.

The Frigate was sighted by HMS Sutherland as she sailed into the English Channel and monitored as she proceeded through. The Russian Frigate utilises stealth technology equipment.

The Yaroslav Mudry was recently reportedoperating in the Mediterranean Sea

We reported the passing of the Russian Fleet through the Channel in October

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Brexit and Rye

Let’s be men – Let’s be Ryers

Ryers by birth or by choice are all Ryers if they love this old town and what it stands for.

By Jim Hollands

Our ancestors stood together for independance 200 years ago

Over Two hundred years ago, direct relatives of myself, Bill Waters, Alec Tiltman, Jimper Sutton, Bernard Clark, Terry Curd and many other well known Ryers became part of the Rye Company of Sea Fencibles that drilled in the Gun Garden and waited to take on Napoleon Bonaparte, who stood with his armies on the French Coast. Bonaparte did not arrive, he decided to go to Russia instead.

Men of Rye 1894
Men of Rye 1894

His Navy was defeated at Trafalgar in 1805 and the Duke of Wellington, later to become MP for Rye, defeated him at Waterloo, putting an end to his war against Continue reading Brexit and Rye

Obstacles Litter Brenzett – New Romney Road

Take Care Out There

Reports are coming in of obstacles and branches littering the road from Brenzett to New Romney. Several cars with buckled wheels due to hitting large branches etc. blown onto the road by the storm.

There is a lot of standing water on many roads in the area

Power cuts reported in Ivychurch and Dengemarsh

Beatrice Cloake from Hythe area reports : Today Angus is battering the coast. We have had little sleep.
Plenty of bangs during the night. I wonder which kind of damages there will be!!! Hope my friends are alright!

Wind gust of 97mph reported in English Channel

Vince Winter reports:    Been a very rough night in Hornstreet Village. Currently the road is shut to traffic due to power lines down.
In Hornstreet power and phone come off poles on the roadside.
Police blocking the road at the moment. Happy to say we still have electrics to make a good cup of tea…
Keep safe peeps

70mph in  Kent

10k run in Brighton cancelled

Many transport delays on railway

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