Obstacles Litter Brenzett – New Romney Road

Take Care Out There

Reports are coming in of obstacles and branches littering the road from Brenzett to New Romney. Several cars with buckled wheels due to hitting large branches etc. blown onto the road by the storm.

There is a lot of standing water on many roads in the area

Power cuts reported in Ivychurch and Dengemarsh

Beatrice Cloake from Hythe area reports : Today Angus is battering the coast. We have had little sleep.
Plenty of bangs during the night. I wonder which kind of damages there will be!!! Hope my friends are alright!

Wind gust of 97mph reported in English Channel

Vince Winter reports:    Been a very rough night in Hornstreet Village. Currently the road is shut to traffic due to power lines down.
In Hornstreet power and phone come off poles on the roadside.
Police blocking the road at the moment. Happy to say we still have electrics to make a good cup of tea…
Keep safe peeps

70mph in  Kent

10k run in Brighton cancelled

Many transport delays on railway

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