Balloon and Rock

By Jimper

Tuesday in Rye was a lovely night. A new moon had appeared to announce a new lunar month on earth.  We will mention no names to protect the innocent.  Let’s just say a certain eating house in town entertained an Elvis Presley lookalike and the place was packed with well known faces.  I was kicked out of my usual coffee house and eleven o clock and as I made my way to my car, the din from the restaurant drew my attention.  I was spotted by a certain merrymaker and Continue reading Balloon and Rock

Three Years of War & Peace at Westernhanger

Three Years in Pictures of the Greatest Show of it’s Type in the World

The War & Peace Revival has taken place at the old Folkestone Racecourse (One time World War Two airfield RAF Westernhanger) every July for the past three years.

If you went you will know what a great event it is. If not, these pictures may whet your appetite and get you to go and have a look next year Continue reading Three Years of War & Peace at Westernhanger

Bonfire Celebrations in Bygone Years

What were those Bonfire Nights in Rye of more than sixty years ago really like?

So many stories are passed down by those senior citizens who were there. They tell of amazing burning boats being carted around the town, of fireworks being thrown in the streets and of famous film stars and personalities representing Rye Fawkes. At least thirty tableau every year, and four or five marching bands. There were bloaters cooked on the Bloater Boat and Dances at the Monastery. Continue reading Bonfire Celebrations in Bygone Years

The Long Journey Part Four


Michael Whiteman’s Graphic Account of His Days as a P.O.W. in World War Two.

Part Four: January 1944

Could the end be in sight?

So came January and towards the end a party was sent out to Sosnowiec. It was an iron works, electric plant plus it had its own coal mine, making coke. We were pulling down two areas for re-building. One morning we all refused to go to work, saying that they were making us work too hard, as we stood on parade the Continue reading The Long Journey Part Four

Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge

400 Sail from the Rastrum Wharf at Rye Harbour

About 400 passengers, mostly from the Rye area, sailed from Rye Wharf at Rye Harbour on Wednesday 12 July on the Merchant Vessel Balmoral, bound for the Tower Pier. Continue reading Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge

Pen & Ink November 2004

Dear Editor,

When I drove into Rye on Friday, and called into the newsagents to pick up my usual two copies of Rye’s Own, I had no idea what a shock was in store for me! I thought I had long since left behind all the embarrassments of my teenage years. Then I saw the photograph on page 25! I can certainly enlighten readers as to the names of the youngsters in the photograph. Continue reading Pen & Ink November 2004

Hit and Run Raids

Clifford Bloomfield’s Wartime Recollections

First published in Jo Kirkham’s ‘Memories of Rye Series

Autumn and Winter 1942

During this time the towns and villages of South East England were subjected to attacks by German Focke Wolf 190 fighter bombers. They carried one 500Ib bomb as well as being armed with machine guns and 20mm cannon. They were referred to as Hit and Run Raiders. To help combat this menace, units of the RAF regiment were drafted to the town and surrounding countryside. They were equipped with their standard airfield defence systems – small armoured cars fitted with a pair of matching guns. Other guns were sited on high static positions. I remember it being said that one such site was at the rear of Durrant House in Market Street. Continue reading Hit and Run Raids

Pen & Ink October 2001

To The Editor

In your July Edition on page 16/17 there is a group picture in which you identify Mr. J. H. Gasson.

I believe the picture was taken in 1922 and represents a charabang outing by the Globe Inn Darts Club. The man in the middle of the row, 7th from the left was James Morfey, a farmer from Iden who died in 1981. Sorry I can’t help you with the others.

Congratulations on your excellent little magazine

R. C. Regendanz Iden Continue reading Pen & Ink October 2001