Pen & Ink October 2001

To The Editor

In your July Edition on page 16/17 there is a group picture in which you identify Mr. J. H. Gasson.

I believe the picture was taken in 1922 and represents a charabang outing by the Globe Inn Darts Club. The man in the middle of the row, 7th from the left was James Morfey, a farmer from Iden who died in 1981. Sorry I can’t help you with the others.

Congratulations on your excellent little magazine

R. C. Regendanz Iden

Dear Editor,

Having just opened my September Issue of “Rye’s Own” I nearly choked on my cup of tea when I read your latest ‘howler’. The tears of laughter ran down my face, when I checked the printing in my own article entitled ‘Meet You Ancestors’. In a sentence discussing family secrets, I mentioned that suicides were sometimes buried in un-consecrated ground. This appeared in print as ‘un-consummated ground! What a Freudian slip! The mistake was not mine, as I have checked my copy. This leads to a great deal of speculation as to who has had many a romantic, moon light stroll, and had a good old snog in the churchyard on the way home? This silly error takes the biscuit so far, even above the famous ‘cooker spaniel’ that appeared in a previous article. Come on Jim, confess, was it you? Do we need CCTV cameras in the churchyard?

Jill Lowry

Guilty as charged! The silly thing was we had corrected the mistake and had a little chuckle about it. Unfortunately I pulled the wrong file out of the computer and printed the original, complete with errors. There are several other affected pages and I am almost too frighten to look for fear of what I may find. Heads should roll, but it would only be mine. Editor.

Dear Editor

After seeing all the CYCLE NO. 2 signs appearing around I think cyclists are being “led up a Cycle Path”. If you survive Deadman’s Lane you can tackle Cinque Ports Street to West Undercliff in the hope of reaching Winchelsea. A track has now been made between West Undercliff and the bottom of Dumb Woman’s Lane, but it is only a track, not a path and suitable only for those with Mountain Bike’s, normal road bikes cannot be used without fear of many punctures. The other dangers are the fact that it is also designated as a bridle way and footpath and does not compare with the asphalt cycle paths that crisscross Holland and are for the exclusive use of cyclists only. Sustrans do not seem to have done their homework and have wasted thousands of pounds building these tracks which are totally unsuited to normal cycling requirements

Gary Booth Rye & District Wheelers

Dear Editor

I am surprised that the town’s shopkeepers have not invested in wooden or metal shutters to shield their properties from being robbed during the night.

As the town security is so low perhaps it would be an idea to employ night watchmen or security guards to walk the streets in some special uniform, perhaps Elizabethan Pikemen. They would, no doubt, give any would be burglar a fright in thinking they had seen a ghost.

A two pronged service, protecting the town from vandals and thieves and attracting more visitors.

Richard A. Horner Ferry Road.

Not a bad idea Richard, except Rye pays the highest rate in the County and included in that rate is a very large sum for Policing. If they say pay no more rate for policing we could man this town with a force of over 100 officers with the sum saved. At this moment we have eight officers looking after Rye and District Editor

Dear Editor

What a great little magazine you run there in Rye. My lady wife and myself have just spent a week there during your famous Festival. We enjoyed every moment of our stay and are coming again next year for two weeks during the Festival time.

We had never been to Rye but a friend in Ohio sent us a Rye Magazine he had picked up on a trip in the Spring and we just had to find out for ourselves if those castles were real. They certainly are! And what nice people we found living in the town.

Dan & Leonora Chipchase Lima U.S.A.

Pen & Ink

From the October 2001 “Rye’s Own”

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