Lions Support Rye Community Transport

Rye and District Lions Club have made a donation to Rye and District Community Transport for the third year running. Following their earlier donations of £1,000 and £500, they have donated an additional £500, making a total of £2,000 over the last three years. Continue reading Lions Support Rye Community Transport

Wild Boar


Wild boar is a regular feature of the woods around the beautiful medieval town of Rye, and this year Rye goes ‘wild’ about boar, celebrating this local delicacy of the field, from 27 October – 4 November 2012. Continue reading Wild Boar

Fom The Regal To Rye

The Melody Lingers on Don Valentine remembering the sound of LOCAL THEATRE ORGANS – PAST & PRESENT

Whenever I hear the strains of Ravels BOLERO , I am seated in the Circle of the Regal Super Cinema taken there by a visiting aunt to see “Bolero” starring amongst others George Raft, Carole Lombard and Ray Milland. If you recognise these names, stay aboard for a journey into nostalgia…………………… Continue reading Fom The Regal To Rye

A Night Of Musical Talent

At ‘The Scool’ Adonis Fuzz

On Friday 2 November The School Creative Centre presents a mega night of musical talent, featuring four dynamic bands from across the South East: psychedelic popsters Jouis, progre ssive funkst e rs Adonis Fuzz, alternative rocksters White Horizon and twinkly emo from Hey Joni. Continue reading A Night Of Musical Talent

Acorn to Anvil

Ship Building

By Arthur Woodgate

It’s been rather nice thinking about Rye Shipyard since that loving presentation in the Autumn issue of ‘Ryes Own’, and it’s given me a lot to think about. We know that Sussex was covered at one time by a lot of forestry, and there must have been lots of it’s timber cut down and brought into Rye Shipyard. Continue reading Acorn to Anvil

Hastings Week

Pictures & Words By Ion Castro

Hastings Week has come and gone, this weeklong celebration of what is probably the most famous date in European history October 14th 1066, the date of the famous Battle of Hastings. Ion Castro, Publicity Officer for both the Hastings Week Committee and Hastings Old Town Carnival Association was there at some of the events armed with his camera. Continue reading Hastings Week

Pen & Ink

Hello Editor,

Dick Bryant here. Yes! I’m still about. We came over to Rye most Sundays to go up the ‘Top of the Hill’ for a meal. It’s had to be good for us to travel over from Hastings. When you went in you knew it would be good because you always saw the same faces each week and they all spoke. Continue reading Pen & Ink


As we go to press the Wild Boar Festival is in full swing. Well done Ollie Campion and his team for the terrific job in organising and publicising the event, which is proving to be another visitor puller in this, the off season. Continue reading Editorial

Late News Extra November 2012


Bonfire Boys Need Your Support.


The Rye Bonfire Society receives no financial support from public funds in the annual Rye Fawkes Festival, which now costs over £10,000 a year to set-up and manage. All necessary funding is raised by voluntary contributions, program sales and advertising, fund-raising events and street collections on the night. Without the support of the town’s traders, citizens and visitors, the event could not take place. If you wish the Rye Bonfire to continue as the premier social event in the district’s calendar, please give generously. Continue reading Late News Extra November 2012

Greatest Living Ryer

Arthur Woodgate is 99 By

Jim Hollands

Arthur Woodgate has been writing articles recording his memories of Rye for many years. His recollections and deductions have appeared consistently in “Rye’s Own” over the past dozen years and in other Rye publications previous to that. Continue reading Greatest Living Ryer