Jimper’s Funeral Service

Jimper’s Funeral Service Will be at St. Mary’s Church, Rye

St Mary’s Church, Rye is the venue for the Funeral Service of Jimper Sutton, who died on Monday 20 June aged 72.

Jimper in Recent Years

Jimper, Fisherman, Farmer, Author, Story Teller, Countryman,  Bonfire Boy, was Rye’s best known character in a Town that is famous for it’s long list of Personalities.

The Funeral Service will be at 11am. on Friday 8 July

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin Saturday 25 June 2016

Rye Councillor and Artist Dies

Another Character Lost to the Town

By Jim Hollands

It is with a heavy heart I have to report the death of yet another great Rye Character.

Bonfire Auction John Izod 'Posh Porter'
 John Izod 

Councillor John Izod has been a great supporter of Rye and Rye’s Own over the years. He has provided the magazine with hundreds of drawings and cartoons and left a legacy of his own, very distinctive art work for future generations to enjoy.


Continue reading Rye Councillor and Artist Dies

Jimper’s Jottings July 2015

Everything has done well in nature this year so far. Rye has seen a lot of visitors, the Landgate Arch is in a sad state, At the very top of this marvellous relic there still grows a large, and getting bigger by the day, bush.

The old Further Education Centre really has blossomed and come to life and is well patronised. the Rye bonfire boys held their auction of promises in the Mermaid and raised a record amount, so guaranteeing this year’s celebrations. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings July 2015


As we go to press the Wild Boar Festival is in full swing. Well done Ollie Campion and his team for the terrific job in organising and publicising the event, which is proving to be another visitor puller in this, the off season. Continue reading Editorial

Bonfire Magic

Its that time of year again. The Bonfire Boys Flag flies over The Landgate and preparations are being made for the annual invasion of the streets of Rye by pirates, witches, Kings and Queens, skeletons, wenches, Cavaliers and Roundheads. The Bonfire Societies are almost exclusively from East Sussex and have a history that goes back even before the fateful night that Guy Fawkes and his cronies attempted to blow up Parliament. Continue reading Bonfire Magic

Bonfire in Rye

By Jimper

Rye is famous for its bonfires on November 5th and our family have always been involved in the society. The faggots for the huge fire had to be got from the field where they had been used for the jumps at the local point-to-point and taken to the fire site on the salts at Rye, this was a job us young lads loved to do and dads lorry was kept busy Then the older boys and men would arrange them into a wonderful shape as a fire.

Rye Fawkes 1967, Hugh Manning
Rye Fawkes 1967, Hugh Manning
@Fire@ Joe Brown
@Fire@ Joe Brown

The fire in Rye is always lit by a well-known celebrity from films or TV, music etc. The guest is paraded through the town in a sedan chair on the shoulders of the fire brigade, to a procession of flaming torches onto the town’s salts to light the fire. Continue reading Bonfire in Rye

2004 – The Year the Bonfire Parade was stopped in it’s Tracks

2004 and a Ship Sinks the Parade

By Jimper


The year was 2004 and the summer was refusing to die. The autumn rains and winter gales had not materialised yet and the ground was still firm. All things looked good for the Rye Bonfire’s annual celebrations. On the Friday the local police force informed the Society that they had a slight problem as they were rather short of traffic cones to mark the route of the procession. Word went out to all members to collect up any odd lost or ‘easy to acquire’ road signs that they Continue reading 2004 – The Year the Bonfire Parade was stopped in it’s Tracks

Rye Bonfire Boys

The Bonfire Boys production of “Cinderella” was a great success. It was staged at the Monastery, now Cinque Ports Pottery. The cast list is a Who’s Who of Rye characters of the forties, fifties and sixties. These were among the backbone of the Bonfire movement in the town through that period. Continue reading Rye Bonfire Boys