Jimper’s Jottings July 2015

Everything has done well in nature this year so far. Rye has seen a lot of visitors, the Landgate Arch is in a sad state, At the very top of this marvellous relic there still grows a large, and getting bigger by the day, bush.

The old Further Education Centre really has blossomed and come to life and is well patronised. the Rye bonfire boys held their auction of promises in the Mermaid and raised a record amount, so guaranteeing this year’s celebrations. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings July 2015

Old Fisherman of Rye

              Mr. Jacob “Shad” Gibbs 1865-1956

By Julie Brett (Ditcher)                 Great Granddaughter

Jacob was born in 1865 in Rye, his father and four brothers were all from Rye and were all fishermen as he was to become at the age of 11. From 1888-1890 he served as mate under skipper W. Bourne on the trawler S.S.Pionerre and from 1893-1897 he was the third hand under Master J.M. Breeds on the S.S.Crusader. Continue reading Old Fisherman of Rye

F E Centre, Garage & Ferry Road School

Rye’s Own May 2001

The controversy currently raging about the possible demise of the Lion Street School Buildings, re-sighting the Library in rented accommodation at the old garage in Cinque Ports Street and the new use of the Ferry Road School site may Continue reading F E Centre, Garage & Ferry Road School