Cinema in Rye

By Jim Hollands

Rye’s first Moving Picture Theatre was situated near the bottom of Landgate on the eastern side of the road. It is difficult to imagine in these modern times of mass media, what an amazing experience it was for someone living in late Victorian or Early Edwardian times to witness moving pictures for the first time. Continue reading Cinema in Rye

Send Your Stories and Pictures

Albert the "Rye's Own" Mascot invites you to send in pictures and stories - old or new - for publication in the magazine or on the web site
Albert the “Rye’s Own” Mascot invites you to send in pictures and stories – old or new – for publication in the magazine or on the web site

Send your local news and pictures to [email protected] and we will use as many as we can in the magazine or on the website. Old pictures of Rye and Rye people with details are very welcome and add so much interest for our local and overseas readers with memories of the town. Keep in touch with Rye by supporting “Rye’s Own”. Continue reading Send Your Stories and Pictures

Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

By Arthur Woodgate

On 16 October 1917, I was taken to the Lion Street School and settled in a class taught by a Miss Jordon. Miss Longley was the Headmistress and with a long wooden corridor she could be heard coming with loud creaks all over our infant school. Continue reading Between the Zeppelin and the Doodle Bug

Lion Street School Saved

Rye’s Own Has Always Fought to Keep  Community Assets for the Use of Ryers

Regular readers of “Rye’s Own” will know how this magazine has always fought for keeping community assets for the use of Ryer’s, often against great pressure and determination of elected and unelected bodies who have had ‘other plans’ for our precious land and buildings. We challenged the South Coast College “Done and Dusted” lady who wanted to sell off the Lion Street School. (which had been left for the education of the children of Rye ‘in perpetuity’ by the Meryon family 140 years ago). Continue reading Lion Street School Saved

The Class of 1920

By Jim Hollands

The photograph on the center pages is from the Arthur Woodgate collection
and shows him and his classmates as they were about 1920.
There will be few who recognise the faces but the list of names is
a very different thing. They are old Rye names, almost to a man, and
they went on to forge a great part of the town’s pre and post war
history. Continue reading The Class of 1920

Call For Public Meeting

At last Monday’s (24 November) meeting of the Planning and Townscape Committee at the Town Hall, Councillor Mary Smith (CDR group member) pressed for the Council to hold an urgent public meeting on the “Core Strategy Plan” for Rye. Continue reading Call For Public Meeting

Shrimps and Joe Hatter


By Arthur Woodgate

As a personal friend of Archibald Merdock Hatter, who was known by everybody as Joe Hatter (many Rye people are called by a name other than their right ones) I was always sure of some Rye Bay Shrimps. Now he is no more, the shrimps seem Continue reading Shrimps and Joe Hatter

Class Four Lion Street 1931

How many of these young ladies from 1931 do you remember?

Sometimes a piece of history turns up at “Rye’s Own” that we can’t wait to show our readers. This is one of those times. Mrs. Cox sent in this wonderful picture of the large room at the Lion Street School depicting the girls class Four of 1931. This Continue reading Class Four Lion Street 1931