Dear Editor

As the one who wrote about Joe Hatter, I feel I must reply to Mrs Levett Fuller’s letter in the April edition of Rye’s Own.

The man at the bottom of Spring Steps was another Mr Hatter, Grandfather to John Hatter, the owner of the taxi firm of Rye Motors, and there was another Mr Hatter who lived on The Strand and also caught and sold shrimps, (all types of cousins even distant). Continue reading PEN & INK

Shrimps and Joe Hatter


By Arthur Woodgate

As a personal friend of Archibald Merdock Hatter, who was known by everybody as Joe Hatter (many Rye people are called by a name other than their right ones) I was always sure of some Rye Bay Shrimps. Now he is no more, the shrimps seem Continue reading Shrimps and Joe Hatter