Turning Point for United

A long time coming but Rye pull off the first home win of the season with an excellent all-round team performance against a very ordinary looking East Preston side on Saturday 4 February. Continue reading Turning Point for United

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor,

The enclosed copy photograph is of the Tug-of War Team of the Cinque Ports volunteer Reserve. They were the champion team at the Brigade Camp in 1895 photographed with their individual Cups displayed on the table before them. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Jimper’s Jottings – February 2006


Winter on it’s Way Out

Another winter on it’s way out. Daylight is making its presence known, an hour extra light in the evenings since the shortest day. The Arctic weather promised us by the forecasters has failed to show. A couple of cold snaps lasting a few days and three days of horrid snow and that is it unless February holds a sting in the tail.

I like to see a good fall of snow every ten years otherwise a generation of Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings – February 2006

Let’s be Men – Let’s be Ryers

Let’s be Men – Let’s be Ryers

By the Editor

The First World War was a terrible time for the young men of Britain. In the early stages they volunteered in their millions to the call of “Your Country Needs You”. Continue reading Let’s be Men – Let’s be Ryers

Rye’s Bond Girls of the Sixties

They called it the swinging sixties and Rye was not left out of the action.

James Bond with his entourage of beautiful women was all the rage with cinema audiences but Rye Movie Society was not without its own bevy of beauties in amateur film productions that went on to win East Sussex Film Awards three years in succession. Continue reading Rye’s Bond Girls of the Sixties