Memories of a Great Actor

By Jim Hollands

When the film “Dunkirk” came to local cinemas’ in 1959 every seat was taken for every performance.

John Mills and Richard Attenborough starred in the War epic, but it was not just these two famous stars they had gone to see.

People from Lydd, New Romney, Hythe and Rye had gone to catch a glimpse of themselves! Continue reading Memories of a Great Actor

A Few Things

The Tony May Pages

I love writing for ‘HT’ and think of this magazine as a kind of community in itself so, whenever fresh news reaches my ears about a story previously featured here, I think its important I keep you all informed.

Remember Sue Butchers? I had the pleasure of interviewing Sue about her life in the music business and her belated return to the recording studio a year or so ago for one of my ‘Great Characters of Hastings’ articles. Well, the good news is that Continue reading A Few Things

Some Old Inns Of All Saints Street


by John Hodges

Over the years many small pubs and beer houses have come and gone in the Old Town of Hastings, none more so than in All Saints Street and the twittens that run in to it from both sides. Some of these premises have a very complete history, of some virtually nothing is known, whilst others never aspired to being identified by a name. Continue reading Some Old Inns Of All Saints Street


Rye’s Own has been reporting the successful path that young Jack Barlow is taking to achieve his dream of racing in Formula One. He conquered the world of Karting when, from the age of fourteen, he won races and championships in a tough apprenticeship following in the footsteps of his idols, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Continue reading Editorial

The Pubs of Rye no. 6

By David Russell

Little early history of the Borough Arms has come to light. What is known is that by the end of the 16th century it was known by the sign of the ‘Blue’ or ‘Blew Anchor’. Continue reading The Pubs of Rye no. 6

Sarah Owen Visits ARRCC

In the run up to the local County Council Elections local charity ARRCC welcomed Sarah Owen, Paul Barlow and Steve Bassam to their premises at The School Creative Centre in Rye. Sarah and Steve found time in their busy schedules to spend the afternoon with Members, staff and volunteers at ARRCC and ARRCC Elders. Continue reading Sarah Owen Visits ARRCC

Music Boxes

By Stephen T. P. Kember

Almost without exception, everybody who visits my shop in Rye, smiles when they hear a musical box play. Why do people find them so interesting? Maybe the mood or feeling of an earlier era is recreated. Continue reading Music Boxes