Rye’s Own has been reporting the successful path that young Jack Barlow is taking to achieve his dream of racing in Formula One. He conquered the world of Karting when, from the age of fourteen, he won races and championships in a tough apprenticeship following in the footsteps of his idols, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Now as an 18 year old driver, at the wheel of a Formula 4 racing car, he has astounded the motor racing world by winning at his first event.

His talent was obvious from his early karting days, but behind the glory of racing and winning there has been another race going on. His dad Paul, has battled to raise enough money as ever increasing expenses come on each rung of the ladder of success that young Jack climbs. Faster and faster karts inevitably led to racing cars and the cost rise. Sponsorship is hard to come by in the present economical climate. Paul’s brother Gary, who recently introduced Costcutter at Skinners of Rye has helped with sponsorship.

Sponsorship is welcomed from wherever it comes but Paul would be especially pleased if more Rye businesses offer to help the young driver, who was educated at Rye College, achieve his ambition of driving in Formula One.

Good business too as Jack’s Formula Four races are televised Good business too as Jack’s Formula Four races are televised. It is good to see the name RYE on the side of Jack’s car as it races round all the world famous circuits.

Anyone interested should visit www.jackbarlowracing. co.uk

From the June 2013 issue of” Rye’s Own”

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