Rye Photographer Charles Axell

This remarkable photograph was one of the last ever taken by Rye Photographer Charles Henry Axell. It was late Spring 1918, the sheep had not yet
been sheared and the leaves were thick on the trees. The war still raged across the Channel. The Rye & Camber Tram Station was quiet and the shadows from the trees indicate it was still fairly early in the morning. There are tents pitched Continue reading Rye Photographer Charles Axell

Rye & District Camera Club Report

The club resumes activities on Monday 6th September, meetings are held at Playden WI Hall, at 7-30 pm every fortnight. The first meeting is called the “Chairman’s Meeting”, this is when the Chairman invites members new and old, to show the club what they have done over the summer recess. Continue reading Rye & District Camera Club Report

Married at Ypres Castle


The Ypres Tower held it’s first ever wedding celebration on Friday 30th July 2010, the site (in much need of funds for a new roof to the former “women’s prison”, agreed to hold the wedding to raise it’s profile, and hopefully some attention to it’s cause. Continue reading Married at Ypres Castle

Rye’s First Photographer

Edwin Thomas Gasson of Rye

1827 – 1904

Carpenter, photographer, taxidermist and museum proprietor.

By John C. Pulford

In a family letter written in 1956 by my great, great uncle living in Watchbell street, Edwin Thomas Gasson was remembered as “rather a clever old chap, he used to stuff birds and was a photographer and also did some artistic work in broken china”. Continue reading Rye’s First Photographer