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On Saturday 14th September the Rye and District Camera Club held their 25th Annual one day Print Exhibition at the St. Marys Centre in Lion Street as part of the Rye Arts Festival 2013.

Nineteen members of the club exhibited examples of their photography with a great variety of subject matter. Wonderful wildlife work, for which the club is well known, hung alongside great candids, great landscapes, close ups and many well observed moments in time. A good number of images had been captured far from our shores on member’s holidays. Many kind and very complimentary comments were received verbally and in the visitors book. Some visitors commented that it was the best exhibition that the club had mounted.

Taking part once again in this 25th print exhibition were four club members who have exhibited in all 25 of these exhibitions. Current club chairman John Trowell, with previous chairmen Colin Page and Melvin Smith and Robin Roberts a previous Secretary of the club. All four, together with all of the other exhibitors thoroughly enjoy their photography and the amount of chat and banter between club members and visitors during the day made the event a very enjoyable and thoroughly worthwhile event in the club’s calendar. As an added bonus a number of visitors expressed interest in joining the club and we look forward to welcoming them.

In some ways the set up for Rye Club’s exhibition differs from that for some other club’s exhibitions where the images Members of the 2013 Show Committee put on show are selected by committee. At Rye the big difference is that all who take part have put themselves for a specific amount of space to display their images, which are completely of their own choice.

Although the town was quite quiet on the day, with apparently only a few visitors arriving by train, the exhibition attracted a steady stream of visitors with some very busy periods, giving an overall attendance during the day approaching the 300 mark. Many who came were members of other local camera clubs, with also many return visitors who regularly come to support the club, to enjoy the images on show and to have a cup of tea and a chat. A display of some old cameras and some early 20th century glass negatives provided talking points and some added interest.

As an extra bit of interest and involvement for the visitors, the club always asks exhibition visitors to choose their favourite picture and to note the title and photographer on a voting slip. This year surprisingly, three images got an equal number of votes as the overall favourite. These were “Delicate” by Phil Willcocks, “Nearly Harvest Time” by John Lett and “Old Lifeboat House” by Colin Page. The two second favourites were “Honey Bee” by Melvin Smith and another by John Lett, “Past their best”.

The Rye and District Camera Club meets on alternate Monday evenings at the W.I. Hall in Houghton Green Lane, Playden during the months September to April. Meetings start at 7.30pm and new members are always welcome. Details can be found on the website www.rdcc. co.uk.

“Rye’s Own” October 2013

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