Things Long Ago

Jimper Reminisces on a Lost World

Once on Romney Marsh not so long ago, it was a very unhealthy place to live. There was a dreaded thing that was called the Ague, a disease we now know was a type of malaria, caused by the mosquito which lived in the water that covered a lot of the flat land. The local remedy for the Ague was said to be to swallow a spider, whole, wrapped up in its own web. The sheer thought of doing so must have made many people suddenly recover from the illness rather than take the cure! Continue reading Things Long Ago

Remembering Woolies


The recent news that long-established Electrical Retailers, ‘Comet’ are to go into administration has had quite an effect on me. Always one to spend a fair amount of my time thinking of the past anyway, to see again the same tragic circumstances occurring, which, five years ago (yes, it has been that long already!) led to the closure of the beloved ‘Woolworths’ chain has made me very sad indeed. Continue reading Remembering Woolies

Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance

Night Flying Project A Report by Adian Bell, CEO 30 November 2012

The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance is about to replace its oldest helicopter with a more modern MD902 Explorer helicopter which is capable of conducting night operations, with the intention of commencing a two year trial on the most effective way of delivering night Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in the region. The helicopter will be fully capable of ad hoc landings by night as well as the more conventional pre-surveyed and helipad operations. Continue reading Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance


                Reproduced from “Gentle Breezes”

Kent and Sussex were hot beds of smuggling for centuries, and to judge by reports, still are. Originally, wool was smuggled out to France, rather than other goods coming in. The reason was that we produced high quality wool, but had not the means of processing it. The French and Dutch did. In 1622, it was made a hanging offence to smuggle out wool. The government then imported French and Dutch weavers and other trades to process the wool. That is why we have many large houses of Dutch style in our area. Many parishes have their Cloth Halls, The Weavers, and so on. Continue reading Smuggling

Two Of The Cinque Ports Finest

Two of the best loved characters from East Sussex and Kent can often be seen together on ceremonial occasions in any Cinque Port Town. Continue reading Two Of The Cinque Ports Finest

One Thing and Another

   All who live close to the sea will be enthralled by
                    One thing and another

By An English coastal town can sometimes feel like the end of the line but despite its grand Victorian buildings almost crumbling into the sea, Hastings is quirky, bohemian and fun. Even so, post-war baby boomers Abi, Rita, Bill and Leo are feeling adrift. As they face up to becoming a certain age, things are getting tougher. With the credit crunch officially shifting into recession, the town’s struggling low pay economy begins to bite harder. Continue reading One Thing and Another

Damian Lewis visits Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Star Of Hit TV Series Homeland Meets Wild Animals
Damian Lewis visits Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Damian Lewis, star of hit Channel 4 TV series, Homeland – takes his family to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, near Hythe. Continue reading Damian Lewis visits Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Meet Viv Your Local Spiv

Richard Holdsworth bumps into a real live WWll Spiv and it brings back memories he’ll never forget!

How many readers of town magazine remember WWll? More to the point, how many of you remember the flashy Spiv with his pockets stuffed with nylons and ciggies and a truck-load of prime pork sausages for housewives suffering under the rule of the Ration Book? Continue reading Meet Viv Your Local Spiv