Meet Viv Your Local Spiv

Richard Holdsworth bumps into a real live WWll Spiv and it brings back memories he’ll never forget!

How many readers of town magazine remember WWll? More to the point, how many of you remember the flashy Spiv with his pockets stuffed with nylons and ciggies and a truck-load of prime pork sausages for housewives suffering under the rule of the Ration Book? Continue reading Meet Viv Your Local Spiv

Three Cornered Election Fight

Three candidates were declared for the forthcoming Bye Election for a place on Rye Town Council. Continue reading Three Cornered Election Fight

Churches Together in Rye and District

The Civic Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II St. Anthony of Padua’s church, Rye Wednesday 13 April 2005

The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Aidan Walsh (Parish Priest), Fr. Andrew Fraser (both friars of the Franciscan Order), and the Very Rev Canon Charles Walker (Parish Priest of Northiam). Continue reading Churches Together in Rye and District