Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Our Elected Councillors Do Their Best – But Their Objections will be overuled

By Jim Hollands

Well done Rye Town Council for objecting to the Tilling Green ‘money spinning building plan’ – Pity it will make no difference – Rye Town Council have only advisory powers – And the ‘Power of Well-Being’ – whatever that is.

There should be no building there at all – Leave the old school in the capable hands of the people of Tilling Green as a VIABLE Community Centre and recreational grounds for the 2000 plus people who live on the estate. Continue reading Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Three Cornered Election Fight

Three candidates were declared for the forthcoming Bye Election for a place on Rye Town Council. Continue reading Three Cornered Election Fight

The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years

What is almost certainly the most important meeting to take place in Rye for fifty years is set to go ahead at the Thomas Peacocke College at 8pm on Thursday 16 August.

Every person living in Rye is invited, along with Councillors and District Councillors from Rye, Battle, Bexhill and the villages plus members of the Bexhill Forum to hear Eastleigh’s Council Leader Councillor Keith House outline the great benefits that Rye, Battle and Bexhill could derive from splitting Rother District Council into three parts, run by their own elected District Councillors with the direct assistance of their local Town and Village Councils. Continue reading The Most Important Meeting In Rye For Fifty Years

Selling Off the Family Silver

Every town has possessions that have been accrued over the years. Rye is no exception, at one time the Borough Council owned more than half the dwellings and ground within the Rye boundaries. Continue reading Selling Off the Family Silver

Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

Who is Daydreamer?

Dear Editor

They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There They Seek Daydreamer Everywhere

I read with interest Eric Streeton’s letter in February “Rye’s Own”, and in particular, his reference to the possible identity of “Daydreamer”, whose article Continue reading Pen & Ink – Rye’s Own March 2004

The Ron Dellar Way

To The Editor – “Rye’s Own” – September 2002

I had intended to write in rage about the practice of Rother District Council of harvesting taxes raised in Rye in order to spend them largely for the benefit of residents in Bexhill. Assuming of course that those residents do benefit from lavish expenditure on the De La Warr Pavilion or from failed Pop Festivals amongst other things. Continue reading The Ron Dellar Way

Rother was Cheating Rye in 1982

Special Expenses Bexhill 2.04p.  Rye 7.4p.

When local government was reorganised in 1976 and Rye lost its Borough status, it became technically a parish within Rother District, on the same basis as most of the villages. Though we were able to keep our Town Council and Mayor, the town’s administration was done from then on by Rather, Until 1976, Rye Borough had been responsible for maintaining various areas within the town -sports Continue reading Rother was Cheating Rye in 1982